I'm back from Nashville

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  • Junction-Guy

    Well I got home from Nashville early this morning.

    I had a good time on the trip.

    Tuesday morning when I left it started raining, and it rained all the way to Cookeville Tennessee, then it stopped and the sun came out.

    I arrived at the motel and the motel was located right near the airport, the planes whizzed by overhead about every 5 minutes, it's hard to believe that so many people visit Nashville.

    Wednesday morning I awoke and drove about 65 miles west of Nashville to Hurricane Mills, the current home of Loretta Lynn. I didnt get to meet Loretta personally, but I did see her leave her house as she boarded her bus. She was on her way to Massachussetts for a concert.

    I toured her Mansion and her museum. The museum was loaded with her memorabilia, plus lots of pictures of her family and Kentucky. Just seeing the pictures of Van Lear brought back lots of memories for me. I also toured her simulated coal mine.

    When I was through I went to Cissie Lynn's grocery store. Cissie Lynn is Loretta's daughter. I actually met Cissie and we talked for several minutes about Van Lear and who all we were related to.

    After that I went to Loretta Lynn's restaurant called "Loretta's Kitchen". I had a steak dinner there, and the food was delicious.

    I drove back to Nashville and then went to the Opry Mills outlet mall. That is absolutely the best outlet mall around.

    When the mall closed I walked next door and toured the Opryland hotel. I walked around for a couple of hours, and there were 1000's of people inside this hotel. There were also several new restaurants that werent there before.

    The next day I went to the Tennessee State Fair in Nashville. I was a little disappointed in this fair, as the Tennessee Valley Fair here in Knoxville seems to be much bigger and better.

    I did get to do some anti-witnessing to some women from a church booth at the fair.

    Also there was a booth there for "Ron Paul for President". I talked politics with them for about an hour. I discovered who Ron Paul is, and also that I would definitely vote for him if he has a chance.

    I ate alot of food at the fair--- coconut shrimp on a stick, chicken on a stick, a gyro, and a fried snickers on a stick.

    I left there and went back to the motel to get ready for the first day of the Exodus conference. The Exodus conference will require it's own thread here.

    Well anyway Im going to end this for now.

    So was there any big news in the JW world?

  • Junction-Guy

    Since I went to the State Fair, I didnt have the time to tour downtown Nashville, I will have to do that maybe later this fall.

    Amanda and I have been to downtown Nashville twice in the past, but it has been 5 years ago.

  • snowbird

    That's good to hear, Junction Guy. Nothing much on JWD except Nvr has thrown the gauntlet down against all Christians.

    I'm glad you're back to help keep him at bay!


  • Sunspot

    Your trip sounds fabulous....I would have loved every minute of that!

    I think I saw in the paper that Loretta Lynn was coming up to the Turningstone Casino near Syracuse in the near future. Hubby doesn't go "in" for these shows, what with the crowds (not to mention the outrageous ticket prices) and the "fun" with parking lots, etc, so I wouldn't have a chance of getting out there to see her.

    We went to the NY state fair a couple of weeks ago....the first time since 1983....and I ate everything I could from one end to the other! The sausage-pepper and onion subs, the fried dough and the Cotton Candy are my favorites. They were featuring deep-fried Oreo cookies, but we didn't see them and we were too tired and too full to do any more walking! I am glad my Doctor doesn't read JWD or follow me to the Fair---haha!

    I am happy that you enjoyed your trip!



  • jaguarbass

    Hello Junction Guy, good to see you back. I voted for Ron Paul back in the 80's He used to be the libertarian canidate for president. I think he was the first person I ever voted for after leaving the Tower.

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Nice to see you back. The fair sounds fun. A fried SNICKERS on a stick? What will they think of next? Care for a Tums? Hubby's got them next to him for the pizza heartburn. You sound like you could use one or two! (Seriously-how do you fry a snickers, and what does that taste like?)

    Kitten Whiskers (of the curiosity got the cat class)

  • Junction-Guy

    Well a fried snickers looks similar to a corn dog on a stick. I guess they take a snickers then dip it in batter then deep fry it. The finished product looks like a corn dog, but has a gooey chocolatey center.

  • HappyDad

    Junction Guy,

    Glad to hear you had a good time. I sure wish I could hear about these events ahead of time so that I could take a trip and enjoy things like this. Seems that I'm in a rut when it comes to activities and events.


  • tnangel73

    I had friends that lived in downtown Nashville. It was quite fun to walk down there. Traffic, though. Gah!

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