Dearest OBVES...

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    So why he did not give his blood to drink to his disciples ? But he gave them a substitute ! Also some amount could have been preserved to be miraculously multiplied into hundreds of gallans to and given to drink to save all the sick believing in him - why no blood was left if it was the most saving blood ? He said the words during last supper and why did the disciples not run to the cross to get a small drop of blood and drink it ?If Christ said they had to drink "of this cup " ane he meant blood he to drink .

    If you told me in the kitchen my child don't eat that soup that is on the table .

    To obey you I would do all I can to avoid that soop even if I were very hungry. I would not think how to eat the soup in another way around .

    If you have the word abstain from blood it can be taken to the extremes to please someone who tells you to abstain from blood . If abstain you may take it to avoid the blood at any rate, any possible way.You simply reject blood by not allowing it into you body as much as you can.

    I went also to this point assuming the Watchtower makes mistake on the blood issue and what happens then .

    Know that in some religions people believe when man dies he goes to be with the Lord in heaven . So ,people should be happy ,not crying over the death of a man ! Would you cry if your child dies and go to heaven to be in the bliss or would you like to have your child with you and go through tribulations and trials in this mieserable world of bad people and risk the fate of your child if so many turn rebellious and will die forever ?

    If son dies you going to see him soon anyway if you are saved man .

    Would you panick and kill yourself if you sent your son far away to another country for 20 years and will not see or hear from him ?

    You would reconcile with that even you may be not sure what will happen to your son in a foreign country . But if your son dies to be in heaven in the bliss , and certainly you could do your utmost to see him there soon , now it turns out to be a crime ,a tragedy !

  • sweetstuff

    Its unashamed actually.


    Note that you will die faster from inhaling the smoke from those who smoke cigarettes than you and your children will face the blood transfusion .

    Would you go on tv and proclaim :

    Hey , listen you murderers who smoke cigarettes and kill thousand of innocent people every year. Stop smoking ! You are destroying a chance to live for ever ,so every one of you is destroying billion upon billion years of happy life .

    And I have to face these people on the streets,in workplace ,near the entrances to shops ! They do me harm personally .

    And the eternal life is more than that and compare that with the " lost years of life of those people who died because of blood transfusion over the whole history of mankind ! Say 1 000 000 000 000 died x 100 years still it is nothing as compared with one lost eternal life of one smoker !

    Will you call police to arrest a smoker or should he be killed instantly for such a great loss of life ?

    So, leave the Watchtower alone let them do what they want to do if their conscience tells them so . They study the Bible and they understand the way they do .You have murderers more horrible around you ! How many unborn children killed in the USA alone yearly mostly for out of convenience and ignorance !


    You think the Watchtower is dead wrong on the blood issue you don't have to be in their organization .But there are people who agree with them and other teachings ; so they decided to be under their leadership and that is a principle governing an organization.

    It is at your own risk what you are doing .

    I don't belong to their organization as I have other good biblical reasons to do so .There are other points that point to the Jehovah's Witnesses as the true religion. Give me another christian organization that is against the blood transfusion and is the true religion surpassing them !


    They were drinking blood of the dead to inherit characteristics of the dead which was to enable them to survive ! Which is much like transfusion today !

    Also to make things more complicated know that in those times there were many people who lack food and were dying of hunger while from the blood a lot of food could be made and save many people from death .This would be saving life so why the blood was to be poured into the ground by God's law ?
    It could save as many lives at that time in food like today's transfusions !

    But the most important is this why did Christ speak about drinking blood to be saved and yet he gave a substitute to his disciples : wine or grape juice which is the fruit of the vine ?


    He didn't give blood to his disciples to drink ! He have them the substitute .The Watchtower seeks substitutes for blood !


    Read the Apocryphas how the dying of hunger Jews were refusing to eat food with blood and were ready to die ,sacrifice their blood for sticking to God's law .

  • funkyderek


    Ahhhh, FunkyD...

    No "Dearest"? I must have really got to you. It's good though, you greatly overuse that particular term of affection.

    I bid you take care for once again your true spirit is showing.

    Good. I have nothing to hide.

    I once thought that perhaps at some point you would grow tired of your "appearance" and maybe do something to change it.

    Likewise! I really hoped you would get the help you need.

    I have since learned, however, that your own "blindness" has kept you from seeing what you truly "look" like.

    Again, I feel the same way about you. Whatever may be amiss with my self-perception, it's nothing compared to your dangerous delusions.

    I'm aware that it may seem to some that I am unnecessarily ridiculing a harmless eccentric, but not everybody is aware of the extent, the duration or the consequences of your delusions. I've tried reasoning with you and I've begged you to seek psychiatric help, clearly to no avail. I may give that another go some day, but for the moment I'm going to stick with ridicule. One thing I won't do is take your posts seriously.

  • snowbird

    I so enjoy reading your posts, AGuest.


  • AGuest

    "dearest" FunkyD... that you can't seem to keep from opening... and responding (albeit with ridicule) to my posts. Very curious, indeed. If I am in need of psychiatric care, as you allege, what, then, could I ever possibly have to say that would be of iany nterest to you? You know my content and you know who I profess gives me that content. Nothing has changed in, what, close to six years here, and another, what, three on H2O before? Have you come looking because you think something will be different? But how can that be? Unlike the WTBTS, whose "truth" changes, whose "light" gets "brighter" even to the point of going back and forth on a matter, the Truth that is my Lord does not change. If what I shared here were from me, then perhaps you would see a "tacking" every now and again... if not on a regular basis. However, what I share is NOT from me, as I have openly professed to you and all here. So, it won't change; it can't.

    Now, I bid you... move along... and find someone else to "play" with, for surely there are plenty others here to keep you "entertained."

    A slave of Christ,


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