Secrets of Pedophilia in an American Religion

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    Barbara Anderson went to alot of work to put all that information together..$29.95 isn`t much to ask..............Dave..Sounds like a few more suprise`s in store for us..Cool...OUTLAW

  • DevonMcBride

    As pointed out earlier, you can find all of the court records in Barbara's CD on your own without shelling out the $30. But you'll pay hundreds or thousands doing so.

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    It's still a double standard. People illegally copy the WTS literature and share it out. If someone were to do that to Babara (even though I doubt she would care much) they would be attacked and probably banned for such a thing! I agree that people should pay for it, but you guys are assuming that if we got it for free none of us would purchase it. I usually download albums for free and then purchase them. Just like with most books or especially something like this with complied info, I would be more likely to purchase after viewing then without viewing. Of course I am sure there are more willing not to pay and just get it for free. Either way who cares? If Barb isn't too overly worried, just don't let it get out of control!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Burger Time, just before asking if we wanted fries with that, said,

    just don't let it get out of control!

    And how would you propose to accomplish such a noble intent? Perhaps with a sign saying, "Please steal just a bit so that there is something left for someone else to steal."

    As for the alleged unlawful copying of WT publications - this is "theocratic warfare" as taught and defined by the WT itself. They built a golem, and complain because it won't listen to them.

  • JWdaughter

    Hi, welcome Charlie, I haven't seen you here before.

    I have purchased a legit copy of a WT CD. I have purchased old WT literature. I have seen copies of paragraphs or short articles, but have made it a point to find the original copy for reference if I think it is really important or if I wish to understand the context. Much of that comes from the fact that I left the org. pre PC. I am a firm believer in NOT taking it on faith-esp. after being in the org! And now especially since it is so easy to photoshop, etc. What I learn has more credibility if I am #1 using legally obtained and/or original information. #2 context! A reference page of a few paragraphs means nothing. (and I don't DL entire ANYTHING)

    If the WT wants to control original distribution of their literature ($$ or no!) that is their business-though what happens afterward to 'hardware' is not under their control any more than any used book distribution is under control of authors. I have purchased books with excerpts-I think excerpts are ok in any context. Even in the case of the cd you originally referenced. To copy and share the entire thing goes against actual copyright law and ethics as well.

    I am attempting in my life to be honest in any context. Sometimes I fail, but I attempt to be honorable. I really do despise the legal WT organization and many of those who control it. What I do with Barbara Anderson's info. OR their information is not a reflection of how I feel about them, but rather, the way I wish to conduct myself.

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