A rhetorical analysis of the Sept. KM Question Box

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  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    This looks like great reading. I just need to "buy out the opportune time" to read it all. LOL
    But now I at least have it for future reference. Thanks.


  • MrMonroe

    (Just posted this response accidentally at the transcript post)

    Leolaia, that was an excellent piece of work. It's an eye-opener to -- as another poster said -- see plainly the carefully crafted wording employed in WTS publications that send out such powerful messages. To be honest, I couldn't finish reading the transcript of the meeting. Like others, it makes me feel .... yeah, sickened, but just tired, I guess. I used to answer a lot as well at meetings, and I suppose the intent of many of those doing so is to (a) put the WTS wording in your own words to show how well you've understood it and (b) notch it up a bit to show how even more spiritual you are. It's just sad that all those people at that meeting (and tens of thousands of identical meetings around the world) are just mimicking the words of the GB.

    If someone was to utter the words of the QB answer at a board or committee meeting, how would normal people present react if someone, asked to comment, gushed in that same manner, oozing approval of that response? People would think, "Whose arse is he trying to crawl up?" and yet for the GB this is a regular experience, fostered by the whole notion of them being God's Channel TM where the rank and file fall over themselves to repeat and exaggerate their sickening, mind-control responses.

    I have yet to be convinced the GB are evil. I believe they are unwitting dupes of their own elaborate religious fantasy. But if they were evil and they were deliberately setting out to control the minds of the rank and file, they would be insanely engorged with satisfaction over the way people relish beng hit over the head with a mallet. WHACK! "Yes please, brother. That felt good." WHACK! "Absolutely. I really deserved that one." WHACK! "Personally, I felt that last one was a bit on the soft side. Can you make the next one harder?"

    Those poor, poor, Witnesses. They just don't realise what tragic puppets they are. And all of them are doing it because a religion told them they have to live like that to please God. Because that's the kind of guy God is. That's just sad. I am so glad I got out.

    Thanks again.

  • dozy

    An excellent analysis and well worth BTTT.

    This article was the last straw for me. I remember spitting feathers at some of the comments & just sitting there shaking my head. It was the closest I ever came to walking out of a KH. What made it worse was that it was conducted by a gung-ho WTBTS loyalist elder who was incredibly sarcastic about those who dared to "undertake independent research." Even 3 1/2 years on , the memory of that evening is still vivid.

  • elderelite

    Sombody with enough knowledge or who is willing to take time to learn about mormons needs to rewrite this! that is an excellent idea and one that has HUGE potential. Nothing will work on everyone and nothing is a surefire but I think that could have a huge impact on some, to read that as written for mormons and then be told its true origins...

  • 3Mozzies
    Does anyone have a scan of this September 2007 KM "Question Box"?

    Here you go VM44


  • MrMonroe

    3Mozzies, I threw most of my WTS literature out when I left. The sickening KMs were the first to go. Don't you do the same!

  • slimboyfat

    This thread bears reading a second time round.

    I think I have a good theory on what might have prompted this particular Kingdom Ministry item. I meant to write about it at the time but did not get round to it. I should look out my sources and explain my theory in a post.

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    Is it me or does the last sentence of par. 10 on pg. 5 of the January 2011 Km contradict this Question Box?
    I have a copy but I can't put it here as I'm posting from my phone.
    Can anyone else help out with this? Or does anyone else even feel the same way?


  • inbetween

    First thanks to leolaia to this brilliant analysis.

    i remember, when it came out, I still was mentally in, but this Km shocked me. I felt, something is wrong here, what has truth to fear from research ?

    For me, this km was one of the steps that led me to question them more and more, and finally ending up on the internet.....

    I think, artcles like that will backfire on the society in the long run...

  • wobble

    Same with me, I loudly said in the K. Hall "Nobody does my thinking for me !" after reading this QB when the meeting had ended.

    A few months later, sickened by the mind-control and demands to worship the Governning Body, I walked away for good.

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