November Watchtower - FDS 144,000... What are they up to ?

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  • yaddayadda

    "Just as all members of ancient Israel formed one "servant," so also all anointed Christians on earth at any one time form one "faithful and discreet slave."


    There is no such thing as a true Christian who wasn't anointed. Hey Watchtower, show us one single scripture that says otherwise! This idea that there are 'anointed Christians' and 'non-anointed Christians' is a complete myth. God gives his holy spirit in equal measure to all true Christians.

    And if all members of ancient Israel formed one "servant" and the parallel is only to the "anointed" class, then where does that leave 99% of JW's? Who are they paralleled to in ancient times? The pagan nations?

    And how can all of ancient Israel parallel the 144,000 when Revelation 7 says that the 144,000 come OUT OF the twelve tribes of Israel??

    And how can all of ancient Israel parallel the 144,000 when the 144,000 are all priests whereas not all of ancient Israel were priests?

  • anewme

    What scam artist is writing this stuff? How do they sleep at night?
    That is deliberate persuasion and mind control, twisting meanings and hinting and preparing the reader's mind for the next installment of cultspeak.

    Who says we have to look for patterns in the Bible?

    That is what the early nutcases did in the 1800s which started this whole crazy movement!
    Looking at prophetic patterns and numbers and measurements, hidden messages and cloaked meanings,
    typical and anti-typical.

    While at the same time DOING NOTHING TO REALLY HELP ANYONE!!!!!

    %#@$&* RELIGION!!!!!

    Reading that crap really makes me angry now! I used to sit there and allow them to scam me.
    But now, no way! My mind screams LIE! LIARS! SCAMMERS! CHARLATANS! RIPPOFFS! ROBBERS!


  • fresia

    anyone who teaches with holy spirit is part of the FDS, all those back then were annointed, if the system goes on for another ten yrs of WT they will have to change this to any from the GC could be part of the FDS especially the elders as they teach in the congregation directed by Gods holy spirit.

    I think that is what they could be aiming for as the system is just going on and on. As I said on another thread when I first came into the religion it was unheard of any annointed being under 60 and nobody ever thought a younger person could ever be annointed, that has changed and the annointed seem to be getting younger and younger.

  • sir82

    Seems to be a follow-up to the Sept. 07 OKM Question Box. They are encouraging "deep study", then proceed to limit such "study" to their list of pre-approved topics, and pre-approved ("endorsed") publications.

    Do they really think that people who are dissatisfied with the shallowness and superficiality of their "literature" () will be satisfied with looking up information on "covenants" in the Insight book? Do they really think that someone can get a "deep" understanding of the book of Daniel by reading the astonishingly embarrassing "Pay Attention to Daniel's Prophecy" (the one where the "ships of Kittim" are World War I British battleships, and the Soviet Union caused economic hardship to the US by its own extravagant spending on weapons) ?

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Idiots.

    Clueless idiots.

  • WTWizard

    Another example of how to confuse the flock. They keep flipflopping on the deeper things, preventing anyone from integrating it all into one big puzzle. If anyone were to attempt to integrate the deeper things from the Puketower Society, all they would find is one big mess of disjointed scriptures with a liberal dose of mysticism.

    There are some deeper things that are worth studying, however. Science by its nature is very deep. But, if anyone were to fully integrate a branch of science, chances are that they would fully understand it. Plus, they would have an easier time learning the other branches of science because much would integrate. It gets clearer and clearer until one has the full picture, at which point, they can understand all there is to know about that field. (Note that no one has actually done that. It can take thousands of years to become fully integrated with science, and with the governments and schools so heavily regulating science, it's doubtful that anyone will ever fully integrate math and science to that degree).

    But when something is bullsxxx, that integration cannot happen. Instead of getting a clearer picture when a new piece is revealed, you get more confusion. And that's what happens every time a new Puketower publication comes out with deep stuff. That was my main problem with applying and remembering the deep stuff--pxxx poor integration.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    It is Ok to study the "Deep Things of God" long as you get it from the Borg. Then you will be so distracted that you won't notice as we slip a little something in your Kool-aid.

    Study so closely the words all blur together on the page.

    You will not see the forest for the trees.

    and so forth.

    Snakes ()

  • watson

    Paragraphs 5 and 6 helps us to see where most of the organizations growth is coming from. I am troubled by what I read there. Manipulation?

  • Dogpatch

    asking, 'What discreet nation will replace Israel to be God's faithful slave?'

    Look for more on this "nation" idea. I'll bet it is a new word trend.


  • Dogpatch

    That spiritual nation, "the Israel of God," became Jehovah's new slave. (Gala-tians 6:16) Just as all members of ancient Israel formed one "servant," so also all anointed Christians on earth at any one time form one "faithful and discreet slave." What a privilege it is for us to receive "food" through God's slave!

    Not a new teaching, but maybe a new campaign, like "The New World Society" nonsense.

    They really need a new stoopid trick now.


  • heathen

    Really ,just because it may apply to first century christians , suddenly it applies to them . It's nothing new really most religions have that type of dogma of control of scriptural interpretation .That's where alot of them come up with the ten percent donation tithing because they think they replace the temple of jerusalem . In reality we all know they love the life of shameless luxury. The WTBTS itself misappropriates funds for such things as alternative blood research and planes so they can fly around alaska and take fishing trip vactations. Meanwhile people in africa are told they have to walk miles thru treacherous territory just to make a meeting . Then there's all the spending on lawyers to protect pedophiles or evade taxation . The money given to them is for their ministry work as per says on the boxes at the local kingdub hall , world wide preaching work.

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