AAAARRGH My FIRST EVER lecture... Please, some helpful tips n hints??????

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  • Kudra

    Hello all,

    I know a bunch of you have done lots of public speaking, lectures etc. This is NOT my strong point. I really am interested in your little nuggets of wisdom here; what do you do to reign in a bunch of unruly students and make 'em enthralled???

    So please give me YOUR helpful hints and tips that you've found work in your lectures- por favor.

    In 2 weeks I give my first ever lecture to a classroom of undergrads....

    I'm really pretty terrified.

    Nothing in our glorious Theocratic Ministry School, I think, has prepared me for this...

    A lot of these kids are not here cause they are interested. It's a science class for non-science majors...

    What would make you pay attention in this situation?

    It's on climatic and ecological change since the last ice age...

    I love this stuff but am still petrified.

    I think the trick is to not let them know I am! LOL.

    A big THANKS in advance.

    -Kudra (shakin in her boots)

  • eclipse


    I wish I could give you some wisdom on lectures, but I'm all out of wisdom...

    I would offer some advice, but since I have never given a lecture before,

    so it will probably come out sounding hollow and cliche.

    All I want to really say is:

    I wish you all the best on that day!

  • tula

    you could dress up like a polar bear and take off the layers as the lecture progresses to express the point of global warming.

    seriously...start with something funny ..statement, joke, whatever...related to subject matter. gets their attention and puts them at ease.

  • jaguarbass

    So please give me YOUR helpful hints and tips that you've found work in your lectures- por favor.

    I am an instructor at the jail I work at and have been trained by the state to give lectures and teach up to 8 hours straight a day, with breaks of course to the same students.

    The first tip I can give you is you do a 5 minute icebreaker.

    That could be a joke. Or you could ask everyone what is their favorite song. Or what is their favorite movie. If you have 20 students the favorite thing with a little elaboration can take up 5 minutes and then you have their attention for the next 40 minutes.

    Student participation will help keep interest and make it interesting. If your talking about science have a couple of students do a simple scientific demonstration.

    Use what we used to call the blackboard to highlight main points.

    Use Power point if you know how or can.

    You could also use a flip chart.

    All 3 would be impressive, Just one would be appreciated and take the heat off you just standing there. It would make you look like you know what your doing.

    I dont know how long you will be talking, but if you want them to get anything out of it they need a break every hour. 10 minutes.

    Oh and heres the basics for an hour lecture and you could do this for as many hours as you talk.

    1. Tell them what you are going to tell them 5 minutes

    2. Tell them. This is the body 30 to 40 minutes.

    3. Tell them what you told them. And you could ask some question. 5 minutes

    4 And then if you work for the state of Florida you give them a multiple choice test.

    So do the first 3 and repeat as many times as necessary.

    Those are some of the tips that I can think of.

    And knowing your material is very important.

  • Kudra

    Thanks! for the well-wishes eclipse !!

    and Tula- ha, then the students running from the classroom could represent the migrations of animals after the ice sheets retreat...

    Actually I don't think that it covers current climate change. Just prob the last 20,000 yrs.

    Whoop whoop!

  • Kudra

    GREAT tips jaguarbass. I don't know if a room of freshmen and sophomores is better or worse that your lot!!! LOL

    I'll use those... I'm doing a powerpoint. I like the idea of involving them in a little demo, or having some sort of prop...


  • jaguarbass

    Kudra. I dont teach the inmates. I teach new officer recruits and I refresh the veterans.

  • tula

    How many light bulbs will have to be changed out to stop global warming?

    (Maybe offer stock incentive to highest grade on your final exam.)

    How many hazmat workers to clean up a light bulb breakage?

  • nvrgnbk


    Not as in a contrived joke.

    Sprinkle the whole delivery with humor.

    You're witty, use it.

    Also, it's imperative that you be thoroughly comfortable with your information.

    Focus on the ideas and concepts, the words will follow.

    Good luck and have fun!

  • Scully

    What is the length of time that you have allotted to your lecture? I'm asking because that will make a difference in how you handle the topic.

    I recently did a 3-hour lecture at my alma mater. At first, I thought it would just be like a 45-minute talk, which I've done a few times already, but the Professor gave me the entire 3 hours to work with! That's when I started to panic!

    The first hour (50 minutes really, considering the 10 minute break) incorporated the first half of a PowerPoint presentation on the topic. I started out by thanking the professor and the class for welcoming me into their classroom. I introduced myself, stated my credentials, talked about my interest in the topic of discussion for a few minutes. Before starting into the PowerPoint presentation, I asked for comments from the class to see what they already knew about the topic, whether anyone had (or knew anyone who had) gone through the health problem under discussion.

    It's a good ice breaker to let them know that you aren't there to talk AT them. It's also good to let them know that you welcome their questions - "Please let me know if you have any questions as we go through the lecture, and we'll discuss them as they come up."

    My presentation included some funny cartoons that were germaine to the discussion as well. It keeps the tone of the class upbeat.

    I had a couple of short DVDs which I used to start the second hour of the lecture. I had some questions related to the DVDs and we used those as a way to have a class discussion and group work using case studies on what they observed in the DVDs and how they, as up-and-coming nurses, could identify risk factors for this health problem and interventions that would be appropriate.

    After another break, we moved into the second half of my PowerPoint presentation, which dealt with the professional role in helping patients and families coping with the health problem. Then we had a good 15-20 minutes for Q&A session. I made sure I thanked everyone for their participation and again for inviting me. I got a standing ovation, and several students stayed behind to talk with me privately afterward.

    It really was an awesome experience.

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