Could Elder Loss "Reform" the Organization?

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  • stillajwexelder

    it is not easy though to merge congregations in rural areas - then you get some brothers having to travel much longer - and that makes for poor meeting attendance

    In the city it is easier bu then the congreagtions would be too large and even less shepherding would get done - Certainly not an easy situation for the WTS

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    just pasting this 22222 for posterity... LOL .. I think it is a "sign" ..."New Light",.... does that make you a Double Supreme One.....what does 2 third imerfection?

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    But the Society makes them either rat on each other or tow the line. If it's serious, they're out.
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    There is another way - but dont think they will ike doing it. Back in the 50s if you were male and living, breathing and sentient - you could do a 1 hour public talk within 3 months of baptism - now you have to be a reaching out long serving MS minimum.

    Where does it say in the scriptures you have to be a MS to give a Public Talk. They could move to using non-MS to do many tasks including some of the teaching items. An elder who has stood down fro family or exhaustion or whatever could be invited to do a Public Talk from time to time.

    If there is a Will there will be a way

  • SnakesInTheTower


    I know of various outrages that many elders in the NorthEast have done with no more than a slap on the hand in response

    Look.. I know of one well known elder in one of my old circuits who was busted for looking at porn... and nothing happened but the "slap on the hand"..even stayed on as SO and a pioneer...nothing judicial..not even privately.

    (see my post back in May 07 at: thank you Simon for that awesome search feature!... works great)

    You see, if you are buddies with the CO, you can get away with murder.

    Having the C.O. in your corner ( "how about a game of golf/meal at a nice restaurant/etc") counts for a lot.

    yep, that's why I was removed as an elder....I did not play Golf with the CO, but the service overseer and PO did... (and the elder who was my nemisis is the father of the PO, so it was a lock against ol Brother Snakes). I guess the restaraunt I took the CO and his wife to was not good enough.

    REFORM....I dont think so...I have to find that great quote I was reading in ISOCF by Franz.....that book is hard to read because its dry...but it sure pegs the Borg.

    SnakesInTheTower (of the "tried to help reform the BOE, got sent to reform school instead" Sheep Class)

  • greendawn

    This is a very hard line organisation with its own peculiar and secret agenda beyond and in opposition to the one they declared (read hypocritical and double faced) and due to this rigid agenda it can not reform.

    Look at how many members they already lost when many could have been kept in by the reforming of some of their more extreme policies eg shunning, centralising all power into the hands of a very few who behave very dictatorially.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    choosing life:

    They are too entrenched and getting meaner as they go.

    Hell yes, they are meaner...You seen what I seen. The power hungry get more powerful and entrenched (powerful only in their own minds and only in the context of the little congo they are in)

    I could never be mean... I was often misguided as an elder, and that may have been reflected in my judgemental opinions at times. But I truly meant well and wanted to protect the congo. I cared about those in the congo I attempted to "serve" in. I still care about most of them. I wish I could get them out!

    I was going to resign last year as an elder, and verbally had...but I decided to rescind the verbal resignation and force them to pull the trigger during the CO visit. The good elders in your know who the recent ones were...both stepped is still being used by the elders and is in their good graces (we tried to get him not to)...the other misses a lot of meetings from what I hear.

    As for Snakes... I don't know if I was a "good" elder, but I cared. Now, I hardly go to meetings at all and hang out on a so-called "apostate" board..... huh! Go figure.

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  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom

    The quality of the elder body highly determines the health of the congregation.

    Some congregations have a BOE who are very field service oriented. Thus the impetus for the ministry. I know a congregation now where there are six elders who are serving as pioneers. This congregation has twenty pioneers and five continuous auxiliary pioneers.

    Some BOE are family oriented, study oriented, shepherding oriented, power oriented, two-faced outer appearance oriented. In my 30+ years experience in the WTS corporation, the local congregation generally reflects the spirit that the elders show.

    Elder loss = Low enthusiasm and low morale.

    Elder loss = Low quality shepherds = Sick sheep

    Alligator Wisdom (aka Brother NOT Exerting Vigorously)

  • metatron

    Let me give you a different analogy: as time goes on, the organization will act more and more like

    the Catholic Church.

    What did it mean to be a Catholic sixty years ago? What does it mean today? That you show up

    on Sunday in jeans and a windbreaker ( if at all) , after taking your birth control pills and viewing

    porn with your live in boyfriend the night before?

    Do you think the Vatican is trying to tighten up? Is it working? Or is it mostly hype and facade?

    Do you think a loss of priests might contribute to this?


  • greendawn

    The WTS persona is one of the spiritual elite, they demand that their R&F keep high moral standards. IOW the R&F are being used and lied to, to provide that do gooder spiritual facade for the WTS which will entice new victims.

    Changing this by lowering standards would be a major problem for their operating mode.

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