14-year old flees mind control cult

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  • Honez

    you cannot tell me or anyone that the bible isnt true for every prophesy to date has been in fact true!

    if what you say is the truth then your existence is pointless why do you carry on living?

    6 million people around the world refuse to take up arms in war against eachother! witnesses do not claim to be the only ones but they make up the vast majority.

    it was an example of human compassion and love you are simply a disgruntled person who has not relationship with the true god.

    you cannot insult my intelligence by saying that i dont know anything because i havent studied where the bible came from ? i dont need to know where it came from i believe in its prophesy! you find any human that was able to make many many predictions and 100% of them came true?

    You are but a mere human who are you to question the authenticity of the bible, just because you hate the watchtower organization does not mean there is any need to question the bible.

    you are a human being who uses 10% of your brain capacity and you believe that you have all the answers through your vast amount of study, Most certainly in vain!

    Explain to me through your superiority in knowledge and wisdom why prophesy has all come true? everything recorded in the bible true.

    who taught you where did you get the books you studied were they from the real god or creator?

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  • Gill

    Honez - Your assertion that you do not 'need' to know where the Bible came from says it all!

    If you continue to assert that you know God then you are only deluding yourself as he/she is not the monster portrayed in the Bible.

    Hence, your need to enlighten yourself!

    I'm sorry to have to tell you that there are NO prophecies that have come true in the Bible and much was written 'after' the event.

    Study of 'who' put the Bible the Bible together and why could help you!

    YOu can insult me as to my lack of 'intelligence' Honez until you are blue in the face but it will make no difference. I was once like you and believed as you, and so know where you are 'coming from'. My sympathies are with you and I hope you will decide to find out how and why you and so many of us have been conned!

    Peace to you and I promise that God is not the monster portrayed in the Bible and there really is nothing to fear but fear itself!

  • Honez

    And my friend you are mistaken i have studied where it came from who were its writers and why.

    then explain love? explain the quality of love explain the worldwide acceptance of people they barely know peoples of different races and every form of diversity thinkable?

    when the world was only thought to be flat for centurys men thought this but the bible shed light on this?

    explain what divine creature other than the creator that inspired this?

    Quite honestly i am through with this- For Every single person on this site may god show you mercy for you know not what you do, may he grant you eternal life though we all do not deserve it.

    You have all been shown the truth and yet you have rejected it i see why you are all blinded for god is not with you and satan has claimed his people and taunted the holy god.

    Get out of her, While you can i plead with you all out of love for you all my brothers my sisters who have fallen there is yet hope for everyone of you....

    God is merciful God is loving God is patient .... but his patience is running short,

    if anyone one of you has any single bit of hope or belief in anything that has been shown you, Return you will be welcomed back with open arms

    Faithfulness morals chastity it is a small price to pay for eternal life....

    God Bless ,


  • greendawn

    This religion seems to be a way of sexual licentiousness, just imagine that man alerady had 19 wives and as if that wasn't enough he was sexually exploiting his daughter since her preteens.

    Obviously one man can't satisfy 19 women so they would all suffer in sexual frustration.

  • Gill

    Honez - I'm afraid that 'earth hanging up nothing' is not what you think. You need to study the ancient Jewish beliefs to understand what that scripture really means as this is another misuse of scripture by the JWs!

    I think Leolaia will have the proper interpetation of that scripture and I will also look up the information for you, though it may take a little time.

    Naturally, I am immensely sorry for your attitude, but having been there, I do understand it!

    We on this board, are not from Satan as you assert. IT has taken a lot of time and pain and even loss for many of us to walk away from that manipulative book publishing company that you refer to as 'The Truth'. All I can say is that you have now seen the 'other side' and I can understand your total horror at the possible realisation that you have yourself been fooled and conned into worshipping a book publishing company that has the tricks of mind control and manipulation to use against innocents such as yourself!

    I can quite understand your wanting to run back to 'Momma', but I'm afraid now you 'know' what 'Momma' really is, she will never be the same to you, and if she ever finds out that you actually KNOW, well, all I can say, is you can deny a truth until you are blue in the face, but you can never unknow it!

    That WTBTS is nothing but a Scam!

  • Scully


    Jehovahs witnesses are in no way tied to free masonry they use no symbols they use no cross the religion was cleansed of such things as it evolved through years by Study of the bible.

    Russell may have been a mason but him and the president of the body that took over after him cleansed and changed as they learnt it was not right in the eyes of god many things have changed over the years but you cannot say we are similar at all ive heard a non-witness philospher clearly distinguish the big difference between witnesses and mormans and clearly exposing the morman religion for what it really is!

    The Watchtower Society teaches that it passed "inspection" by Jesus Christ in 1919, when CT Russell was the president of the WTS and all these things you say were later "cleansed" out were being done. They celebrated Christmas, birthdays, Easter, accepted blood transfusions, allowed smoking, and used the cross and crown symbols of freemasonry on the literature at that time.

    Was Jesus mistaken in his inspection process? Is that what you are saying?

  • Honez

    Your Efforts to sway me do nothing you only make my faith stronger! even though you may think your not any way tied to the devil you are unknowingly carrying out his work! the devil seeks to mislead all and you are lying in the power of the wicked one. there is no scam the so called book company does not make money its rescources are spent reaching the truth out to all people what does is seek to gain from this scam? .... I Have seen the manifestation of love my friend and if god saw fit to sacrifice alot of bad to save the good so be it no one can question it! as a faithful old brother said who is dying right now and still faitfful to the end, "we are the best of a bad bunch"

    why spoil all of humanity? you are but blinded by satan. and there is no convincing you of anything may hope for you lie with god

  • Gill

    Honez - There are non so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE!

    I would never want you to stop being a JW if that is what you NEED to believe.

    But what we NEED is not always what is truthful. But you must make your own choices. I would never wish to sway you from what you want or need to believe!

    May the WT Society always prove to be what you want it to be and may you never feel 'Momma's iron fist in the silken glove!'

  • Guest with Questions
    Guest with Questions

    Honez: I don't think anyone is trying to sway you from your beliefs. We all have the choice to reject or accept a belief. My problem is that you seem to think that the Jehovah Witness Org is the only true belief system and that JW's are morally superior.

    even though you may think your not any way tied to the devil you are unknowingly carrying out his work! the devil seeks to mislead all and you are lying in the power of the wicked one.

    I beg to differ. Could it be that this org is actually led by the wicked one? You state that your faith is actually strengthened. Strange, when my parents became witnesses, for a short time, I questioned if this org could actually be true. I did look into it. I did read the bible and did read books before ever coming to the Internet for information. My conclusion was the more I looked into it, the more I realized that this org was farther from the truth than any mainline churches I attended. It actually strengthened my faith.

    On another thread I wrote you specifically. I do hope you read and hopefully respond to it.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Honez said:

    God is patient .... but his patience is running short,

    If the Watchtower's version of God was actually merciful, loving and patient he would not be planning the imminent slaughter of over 6 billion humans. If you don't believe that is the current teaching, go back about a month in the Revelation book and read the paragraphs on what kind of people will survive the Great Tribulation. The only honest answer is: active JWs in good standing. Even inactive JWs are in big trouble according to the Revelation book.

    OK, if only active JWs are going to survive, then a merciful god would have brought Armageddon shortly after 1914 or maybe 1919. Every year that Jehovah has "patiently" allowed to go by in recent years, will result in the death of 80 MILLION MORE non-JW men, women and children at Armageddon. Don't try saying "Jehovah is the judge" and we shouldn't concern ourselves with what he does. Yes he is the judge, but then the Revelation book has the gall to turn around and TELL US EXACTLY HOW he's going to do the judging. This is such an evil teaching, the WT will never concisely put it into a single sentence because they realize how horrible it sounds.

    80 Million my friend. Every year that goes by. 80 million more human corpses on the post-Armageddon bird food pile. Hitler only got 6 million. Stalin got 50 million. Those guys were saints in comparison to the Watchtower's version of God.

    Open Mind

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