14-year old flees mind control cult

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  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land


    Good for her!! There's so many similarities between fundamental Mormonism (and even conventional Mormanism) and JW's it's spooky.

    I'm proud of this girl for getting "out". She had a lot to leave behind and lose, but more to gain. I'm glad she could see that. Many can't.

  • Watkins

    I have to think also that stories of such intelligence and courage will strengthen the resolve of others who see the need to flee from false religions. She's so young to be so brave!

    The similarities are indeed spooky. It was only after reading on an X-Mormon site a few years ago that I realized... the wts is no different. Exchange a few buzz-words and it's scary in it's likeness of control issues and ridiculous doctrines. Same, same, wrong, wrong, same...


  • greendawn

    Though JWs don't wear aprons with fancy symbols stitched on them like grown up male Mormons do, we must have in mind that both cults were started by masons, Smith who was a self admitted mason and Russell who wouldn't admit it though it was pretty obvious that he was also one.

    Both used the masonic cross and crown as one of their main symbols. In its secret heart masonry means occultism and satanism and it's an antichrist religion though only the very top ranks really know this.

  • truthsearcher

    Tonight on tv in Canada is a movie about child abuse, polygamy in the Mormon cult. What a terrible thing for these young girls, being made to marry old horny guys with 9 wives and 36 children already!

  • Honez

    The difference between russel and the founder of the mormans is that russel was not perfect but the more he studied the bible the more he learnt what was wrong or write we admit he got it wrong over the years but any errors that were made were settled and changed.

    Jehovahs witnesses do not conduct disgusting wedding ceremonys that involve the elders getting in on the wedding night action that is pure free masonry and mormanship.

    While you all say that is mind control it is not controling what the organization does is it endevours to keep its body clean, you'll hear it anywhere if you are in the crowd thats going down your gonna go down because one bad apple spoils the bunch and thats not even just tied to religion people who are millionares admit it, the people you are around influence where you get in life so the watchtower does what it does in order to keep the congregation clean and follows the BIBLE NOT ANY TEACHING OF ANY PHILOSIPHER!.

    many of you mistake Rules for guidelines and principles everybody has free will they make their own choices no one makes their choices for them they are just instructed in the way of god why do people disrespect that people are cynical.

    so many of you say hey stuff the jehovahs witnesses religion cause my parents made me do this and do that but if you were in any household there are rules and until you come of age its your parents decision dont blame the organization because the religion is pure it doesnt mean everyone trying to follow it is everyones imperfect you just need to learn who should take responsibility for actions that are taken and that is each human being not as a member of an organization or a race or colour but as a Human.

    Stop blaming an organization, it would be like touching gods eye ball and taunting him.


  • Honez

    Jehovahs witnesses are in no way tied to free masonry they use no symbols they use no cross the religion was cleansed of such things as it evolved through years by Study of the bible.

    Russell may have been a mason but him and the president of the body that took over after him cleansed and changed as they learnt it was not right in the eyes of god many things have changed over the years but you cannot say we are similar at all ive heard a non-witness philospher clearly distinguish the big difference between witnesses and mormans and clearly exposing the morman religion for what it really is!

  • sosad

    Honez - may I ask why you are using your "free will" to go against this Org you are defending so desperately?

    You are "in error- error- error" (three times for emphasis) by posting here, reading here, or responding here

    I think you are blaming your lack of faith for not being a "perfect" jw but stop and think about it - are you just questioning what needs questioning? does it seem to you that somehow, something doesn't seem right?

    I mean no disrespect but pray for YHWH's Truth, and not to be a better, stronger, faster witness. When I prayed for God's will in my life, instead of for God's help to do what being a jw entailed, it was a very scary moment and also very telling.

    take care -

  • anewme

    This is what it will take on the part of all who escape a cult------PUBLIC EXPOSURE!

    We must all be brave and expose these cults-------the Watchtower included.

    This is an acceptable avenue to do fight the Watchtower. It is not acceptable to turn to violence or pranks to get back at it.

  • Honez

    Cramped and narrow is the road leading of to life - thats a quote direct from the bible, in other words you took the easy way out by doing what is right in your own eyes, just as any other person who claims to be a christian that says im okay with god i beleive in him but i dont need church meetings priests or elders to express that.

    I may be going against what the organization says but im no going to say hey im the perfect person because im inactive but it does not mean i can not defend something i truly believe in with my whole heart, i have a few thorns in the flesh that i need to deal with before getting back to it.

    I speakup because it disgusts me to see jehovah taunted the way people do on here,

    so what if russell was a mason in his past

    Saul was a killer of gods people matthew was a tax collector.

    brother russell once he learned from indepth study in the bible he then used all his money to print the bible what do you call that? he used the whole bible instead of 3 books from it, a clear distinction between the mormans.

    there is no one here defending it only a whole lot of people that only bring out the negativity and focus on individuals imperfections no one can attain to perfection and yes everyone seems to expect them to, if there not hey lets burn them to the ground, thats the evidence emitted by so many people.

    i am not here in the organizations behalf i am here to Defend my god jehovah which clearly so many people have lost or never knew him.

    I have felt gods blessing and the only time in my life i have ever felt it was through his organization. i have felt the spirit and love of god in the organization and it is not that of a cult it is not restrictive to blacks whites jews, asians, or any race it is not restricted to any age. where in the world would you see races show lover for one another instantly can you say that is related to satanism?

    when the whole world goes to war who can you say did not take his fellow brothers life?

    the witnesses!

    When you ask what religion safe guarded hutu ands tutsi people amongst tribal warfare?

    the witnesses!

    When you ask who could unite so many people from both tribes in one room and have them show love for one another you would say the witnesses so you my friend are sadly mistaken if you believe that its not the work of god

    you are sadly mistaken when you say its a cult because who can say all this love and uniting of peoples if from satan? its a quality cults or the devil do not know!

  • Gill

    Honez - There are a huge list of religions that do not go to war, as well as conscientious objectors who have no religion. The JWs claim falsely to be the only religion to do that!

    You also make a very fundamental mistake which is not studying the history of the Bible and how it was put together and more importantly WHY!

    Until you take on that particular study you really do not know what you are talking about!

    The Bible, in my opinion, along with other so called religious books is a slander against God, or whoever it is who created life on this planet.

    I personally do not believe that any loving God would sanction the murder of whole tribes, including women, children and babies! Why do you want to believe that. I personally don't believe that God would drown everyone on the planet and save only eight. This is mythology!

    Begin to study. It will take you time, but if you want to know for sure, make the effort!

    Until then, don't glorify the WTBTS in anyway because you may well be in for a big shock why you discover what the WTBTS really is!

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