Ex-Father-in-law dies...

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  • Jim_TX
    "...to show you have risen above the JW shunning garbage."

    Well, I ain't never been shunned... except when I was a JW... so I don't think that applies here. The worries I had about going were over the ex-wifey, since she wasn't too happy about the settlement (dunno why - she got everything).

    Anyway... I went. My wife insisted on waiting for me in the car.

    I went inside... sheesh... they don't change them kingdum halls much, do they? I ain't ever been in this one, but it looks almost identical to the others I've been in.

    I spoke to the oldest boy, D - and told him how sorry I was... also talked to the other boy, C - and told him I was sorry, that Charles was a good man. My ex was there, wearing her dowdy floor-length dress, and I hugged her, and told her I was sorry for her loss. She then introduced me to her hubby (she got married a year after our divorce). I shook his hand. (He don't know how happy I am that she's his problem now).

    Anyway... I finally got up near the wife who was standing there in conversation with another woman. I overheard Charles' wife say, (and I quote)...

    "...well, I don't feel any animosity anymore. After he died, it was gone."

    Now... I knew she didn't like the poor fella, but... 'animosity'???

    For those who don't know... Charles wasNOT a JW. He initially opposed his wife studying - and later just resigned himself to the fact that she was going to be a JW no matter what he did. He actually was a really nice fella when I knew him. Was well known and liked by the local community - and a lot of city leaders knew him.

    Anyway, I hugged his wife, and told her that if she needed anything to let me know.

    I also saw my daughter sitting there near the front row. She also saw me... she was sitting next to her cousin (on one side), and a fella on the other. I went over and gave her a hug - from behind - and said hello. She was trying to be polite - even tho she didn't want to be. (I think she's still pi**ed that I divorced the ex.)

    I then made my way out of that very odd setting... everyone there wearing suits and ties - and the gals in full skirt-mode.

    As we were driving out of the parking lot, I saw one of the other people that mow lots - his equipment parked across the street - walking in to pay his last respects - wearing his 'work' clothes.

    There are a lot that knew him.


    Jim TX

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Yes ma'am, I did. He was out mowing/clearing a lot near where I live. But, he had a crew with him, too. This is what puzzles me - he was evidently alone on this last job - or had dismissed the crew for the day, while he stayed out there working.

    We all live with regrets. One of mine is that I didn't stop and chat with him when I saw him there that day.

    James I am really sorry to have brought back the memory, that was really not my intent. The timing, for lack of a better term, is just interesting is all.

    I'm sorry you lost such a great person from your life.

  • greendawn

    Sorry to hear that a nice person that you respected so much found such a tragic and untimely end. I also got stang by many bees once after a tree they were nesting on got disturbed. Fortunately I wasn't allergic to them.

  • Jim_TX
    "James I am really sorry to have brought back the memory, that was really not my intent. The timing, for lack of a better term, is just interesting is all."

    No worries. No offense was taken. I just shoulda stopped to talk to him that day... but I was worried as to how he would've taken my visit. I divorced his daughter. I don't know how much poison she poured over that.


    Jim TX

    P.S. It's all good. I went to the service - actually before the service - and spoke to almost all of 'em. I shook hands and left.

  • Scully


    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Sincere condolences.

  • Sassy

    so sorry to hear about your loss Jim. What an aweful way to die. I think that is highest on my list of the least favorite ways to go.. but I'm allergic to bees and so they scare me..

    I think it was nice you went there to pay your respects.

  • reneeisorym

    I'm just so sorry and I hope you are ok. I just had to post and leave my support and sympathy.


  • Twitch

    Sorry to hear of your loss.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Sorry for your loss Jim.


  • Open mind
    Open mind


    I'm sorry to hear a good person is gone from your life. It was good you paid your tribute but didn't listen to the JW info-mercial.

    BTW, you seem like a pretty good fella yourself. This really cracked me up:

    (He don't know how happy I am that she's his problem now).

    I'd consider it an honor to meet you someday.

    Take care,

    Open Mind

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