The Rest of My Story-The Fading Years

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  • okiesooner1966

    I would like to start by saying the years following high school were probably even more stressful than before. The very day I graduating I moved out of my parents house, it took all of three weeks to get my next commitee meeting. I did a horrible thing by going on a graduation trip with some of my classmates, even though all did was party like it any other kid my age, which thier parents paid for thier trp it was enough for me to be disassociated, though I was not baptized at the time it was the same as being disfellowshipped. I was working for my dad at the time who was an elder who promptly fired me because he could know longer associate with me in either a work or social enviroment. This turn of events sent my life in a tail spin for probably two years. I began to do everything they tought us not to do, this lead eventually to a serious drug addiction, that if was not for one of my supposedly "worldly" friends I may not have survived. After a successful drug treatment I moved back into my parents house, six months later reinstated, two months later guilted into being baptized and then rushed into a marriage based on lust.

    After we were married about two years we began to gradually miss meeetings and basically stop going in service. One night we were out having dinner with one of our married friends, I had probably five or six beers, I did'nt think anything of it at the time. About two weeks later my dad who to this day is still an elder called me and said they were planning on formming another comittee meeting on me because it was reported I was drunk at dinner a couple of weeks ago. Finally for the first time I said enough is enough, I told him to not bother scheduling anything because I was not drunk, not only that I will no longer be attending any more meetings period.

    My marriage lasted another year until my wife and I realized the only thing we had in common was the religon and sex. I have attended the memorial for every year since just to keep my mom from having a heart attack. I am now remarried for the past nine yaers, I have a son who is geeting to do everything I was not allowed to do and its been the best years of my life. I have my own company that is thriving and life could not be any better. My mom still tries monthly to convience me the end is closer than its ever been, I simply change the subject or tell her that's why I live everyday like it could be my last. Thank you all for giving each of us an outlet like this, we will all have scars and perhaps a few issues, perhaps even a few charcter flaws from the religion that was forced upon us. Fortunately for most of us we were able to find our own way and enjoy life as it was actually meant to be, not how someone told us it should be enjoyed.

    Thank you,

  • sweetstuff

    Enjoyed hearing your story Okie, congrats on moving on with your life, on your terms.

  • dobbie

    Thank you for sharing your story with us, i'm so pleased for you and that you are now happy with a son who is totally free of the jw influences. x

  • greendawn

    It's amazing how the cult is toxic to all or most of those in it and that someone can find true happiness and success outside it.

  • Shawn10538

    Thanks for sharing. Personal experiences are always my favorit threads.

  • Open mind
    Open mind
    I have attended the memorial for every year since just to keep my mom from having a heart attack.

    Very sad. Very hilarious. I'm kinda twisted tho.

    Loved your story and your honesty.


    Open Mind

  • Dagney

    Thank you for sharing.

    Kudos to you for your successful "life after JW!"


    Hey Okiesooner...way to go. I am so happy for you that you are released from their bondages and that you can live your life...I mean REALLY live your life now. Sad to hear about your first marriage, but hey....I am certain there are a lot of JW marriages in the same boat. I left the JW's and my Ex all with the same year. I didn't get DF for divorcing him (we had no grounds) but I did get DF for living in the house for 2 weeks AFTER the divorce. What was he supposed to do, throw me out on the street until I found an apt.? I am the mother of his kids who at the time were still living in the home. The Elders expected me to apologize for being in the house still. NO WAY José! I didn't see anything wrong with that. My Ex apologized, ONLY because he didn't want the JW's in the neighborhood to keep their distance from him, because of our then 9 yr. old son's sake. What a wimp. No backbone to stand on his own two feet and speak his mind and/or do what he felt was right. As far as I know, he no longer attends meetings. Was married a couple of years ago to a Philippino JW in the Phillipines who according to the US Law, was still considered married to her husband. My Ex and her were married for two whole years and he waited and waited to have her come over to the USA. It never happened, so that marriage got annulled. And she was supposed to be a JW? *LOLROF*

  • Vernon Williams
    Vernon Williams


    Welcome to the board.

    Couple of questions, if yo do not mind:

    What happened to the ex wife?

    Were there kids by that union?

    What type of business are you in?

    And, yes, you will find me the "nosey:" one on the board.....


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