Wife went to bed in tears again. Sept KM this time. Her response..

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  • oompa

    OK, slowly awakening and fading at the same time for two years now, and did not plan it. I tell my wife last night I have been having some interesting e-mails with my Dad about the QB from the Sept KM we are to study this week. She says she has read it, but does not remember it. I inform her that there is a huge new change in how we are to study now; something that has never been brought out before. "We have always been cautioned not to look at any apostate literature, but now the KM says that the FDS does not endorse (approve) of ANY literature, web sites, or groups, except for that produce or arrange." She thinks that is not correct, so I show her.

    "Well it doesn't say we CAN"T look at other books or websites" she goes. "Well we can if want to use something they don't approve of, I think this pretty much rules out library visits or trips to Barns n Nobles. Plus, it does tell us what to use if we want to study, which is only "our" publickations." I reply. A little more conversation about how this is all about controlling informaton, because there are things they dont really want us to know.

    "Why do you only see the negative? You have been like this for two years, and I don't think I can take anymore. What about the good things in the orginazation?" was her response.

    "Just what are the good things to you? The fact that we are to never speak to our son again?", I asked.

    "The Brotherhood, and being able to have a close relationship with Jehovah, and knowing I will see my parents someday", came the reply as full blown sobs and tears followed her to bed."

    It actually made me go to the meeting today for the first time in a month. I will try and make the service meeting this week.

    going nowhere fast.....oompa

  • zack

    Hang in there, bro. My comments are seen as "negative" also. Strange how one only points out a fact, allows them to draw their own conclusion, and yet we are "negative."

    There will be more tears.

    These guys are evil, the whole lot of them.

  • esw1966

    Sorry you are having troubles at home on your journey out of the borg.

    It sure will be interesting to see how the borg continues to tighten it's grip on it's members for fear of losing everything.....

    Good luck...


  • yknot

    I will try to put a "positive" spin on this one. Now you will go to the Service meeting and be able to help her understand better this level of control. See what you can spin from what the Elder says. With all the clamping down going on I fully expect the kool-aid WT to take even bigger steps in regulation. With you by her side she will be able to see what the tower is doing. And yall can fade quitely together hand in hand...

  • shell69

    Sorry Ooompaa,

    Its a long and painful journey your on. Everything that we read on this web site merely confirms what we already know... that the jw org is a wicked cult. divisive and manipulative in the way it deals with its followers.

    Hang in there, we're here for you.



  • worldtraveller

    I can't believe that anyone here actually believes that God would be happy about shunning one of His creatures, and one of your own. Wy would God want you to be unintelligent, unless a smart individual would see through all the lies and corruption. Give your head a shake. We are supposed to be in His immage, not that of some second rate thugs.

  • changeling

    I'm sorry oompa.


  • carla

    Tears work on you? hmm, not my jw, never. At least not when he became a jw. Of course there will be tears. She is facing losing you to the apostates, becoming an outcast in her cong, your child is df'd? she is choosing the mere chance to talk to her dead parents, maybe one day, over talking to her son in the living? crazy ass cult. There will be more tears maybe even a few of your own along the way. A house so divided is hard, no easy way around that when it involves such a controlling cult that hopes and prays for the demise of all nonmembers. Puts a real hamper on a marriage, that's for sure. I wish you well and sorry for the whole damn mess.

  • return visitor
    return visitor

    Sorry about your situation. I'd pray for you but science has prooved it doesn't do any good.

  • The-Borg

    Hang in there, I got my wife out after a year of reasoning and leaving material around the house, she used to read it when I wasn't there but I knew she had ;-). What did it for her? - the UN issue plain and simple. Made her start to reason and think about what else they were lying about and why. Little and often, push the boundary each time, more exposure to the facts and something might click. But remember some people just love to live in denial no matter what. Hope that helps and good luck.

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