How to fade successfully?

by Maddie 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • greendawn

    You are certainly not alone since thousands of people are fading at any time around the world. The key is to do or say nothing that will provoke the local dubs into seeing you as an "apostate".

  • Maddie

    Thank you all for giving me so many helpful suggestions and the benefit if your own experiences. I shall take them all on board and be aware of so much more now during my own fade.

    I am quite an impulsive person by nature and open and honest about everything. It will probably be quite difficult for me to be so secretive about everything but am telling myself it is a necessary evil in dealing with this situation.

    It's great to be with you all!

  • worldtraveller

    I agree with nvrgnbk 100%. Grow some nads and walk away fast and proud.

  • worldtraveller

    That comment above that referrs to "worldly people" really is starting to irritate me. Just how can one be on this planet and not be on this world? If life is so wonderful on the "other side" then I urge them to check it out. What are they afraid of? Maybe, just maybe it's a bunch of BS. Bunch of freaking cowards if you ask me. Does than not irritate anyone else? Make them sound like they are special. As if this place is accepting applications from liars, murderers, and the rest.

    Sorry when I was referred to that by my JW friend I was as unhappy as one could get. Told him off that day.

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles
    A fade will be that much easier if you can switch congregations. If you "forget" to make the switch official, it will add to the confusion. Just start attending some meetings with the other congregation, and make sure you don't establish a pattern that's easy to figure out

    This is exactly what worked for me! When I moved away, I never even bothered to have my record card transferred. I attended a couple meetings in the new area and the Service Overseer made up a temporary card for me. Within that very month I simply stopped attending. I believe each congregation had assumed I went to the other.

  • oompa
    I agree with nvrgnbk 100%. Grow some nads and walk away fast and proud.

    This method leave very little chance for getting loved ones out.

    want my family out.....oompa

  • steve2
    I have a son and baby grand daughter that are JW's

    Maddie, I did a double take when I read what you wrote: You don't mean to suggest that you baby grand daughter is a JW - or are you talking figuratively? I have a vision of a swaddled baby whose first words are "Obey faithful and discreet slave" - which is quite a mouthful for even an adult to say without gagging.

    The posters have offered some really good suggestions for different approaches to leaving. You're not alone...

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