What song makes you think of your freedom?

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  • sweetstuff

    For me its an old one, here's the link. I love the lyrics!


  • nvrgnbk
  • Chameleon

    Hot Water Music-Sunday Suit

    Shun me I've done you wrong.
    Mocked you and broke your home.
    Carried on as a king to the throne. I know, I loathed.
    I've reconciled my faith with no way to explain where it comes from.
    Heard out suspicious ways, forwent the drowning pain. Oh, and I've had mine.
    Sunday suit never fit quite right, maybe why I never saw your light.
    Fear had its grip for quite some time, so I obeyed and lied.
    Listen, don't hear this wrong, you've taught me what I know.
    Though I'm not what you want, I've found peace on my own.
    Sunday suit never fit quite right, maybe why I left Siddhartha style.
    I chose a path of open minds, am I damned for it?
    I know the evils of mankind and I keep far from them.
    Do all I can to grow inside. Judge me for that.

  • oompa

    Also sprach Zarathustra from 2001 A Space Oddesy

    goin out there to be free....oompa

  • SnakesInTheTower


    which song?... I listened to "Everytime I See Your Picture" and "Let It Go" ... I liked them both..got a tear in my eye on the first one... damn... I presumed from the topic title you meant the second one. I agree with the sentiments of that one....freedom is so sweet..

    Snakes ()

    Let It Go
    original version released on EP 'Luba' (1982)
    updated version release on LP 'Secrets and Sins" (1984)
    and the 9 1/2 Weeks soundtrack (1986)

    Too many doubts
    too much fear
    too much danger
    when society constructs
    our human nature
    live by the rules
    live by the laws
    live by commandments
    notions preconceived
    can lead to utter madness

    Let it go
    Let it go
    Let it free your body
    Let it move your soul

    We are made
    we are not born


    Learn to convert
    learn to assert
    learn to abandon
    ideologies and
    disciplines at random
    lay down the rules
    lay down the laws
    lay down commandments
    lift the sanctions
    that restrict this woman's madness

    (repeat chorus)

    is the fate of our existence
    keep it safely at a distance
    is the fate to be
    let your hair down
    can't you say

    (repeat chorus)

  • BFD
  • sweetstuff

    Excellent choices Nvr, and BFD, thanks for adding the lyrics SITT

  • franzy

    once i knew i was leaving the witnesses, i had a deep resonance to
    one rod stewart song. i don't like most of his music, but
    "i was only joking" would nearly bring me to tears. the last lines...

    quietly now while i turn a page
    act one is over without costume change
    the principal would like to leave the stage
    the crowd don't understand.

  • franzy

    how's that for a new way to get four new posts in a hurry??

    sorry, can three of them be banished?

  • fedorE

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