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  • Blueblades

    Sometime ago a friend of mind visited several psychiatrists over a five year period. He wanted to learn more about himself. All he learned is that everybody has problems and that his shrinks had more problems then he did.

    The Watchtower frowns on the rank and file visiting psychiatrists.

    I have never been to a psychiatrists. Have you, and if so, what has been your experience, if you care to share?


  • BrentR

    All of us can have certain levels of mental illness but a psychiatrist is an MD that prescribes psych. drugs. A psychologist (counselor) will generally use various tools/techniques to work on a problem vs just medicating. I have never heard of a person going to a psychiatrist and not be prescribed some type of psych meds.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    That might be because no one goes to a psychiatrist unless they have something pretty screwy going on.

  • bluebell

    I have seen a psychologist/counselor once or twice but not for long and it didn't help me much, but then it was when I was still in and until I left I always had problems with depression, now I hardly get depressed at all, just a bit "down" occassionally.

  • jgnat

    I've been to a few psychologists over the years. I think it is important to find a good "fit". I don't want to be pushed to explore scary areas of my past I'm not ready for. A few pointed words from these counsellors, however, have had a life-changing effect. I'm grateful to them for it.

    One counsellor pointed the way to reconciling myself to who my mom had become. I was able to shed a decades-long bitterness.

    A recent counsellor matter-of-factly pointed out that our marriage works! We're not so weird as I feared. That made me feel a lot better about my choices. She also gave me a list of relaxation techniques to deal with my high-pressure job.

    Lady Lee taught me that as the patients, we are in charge. If the counsellor is pushing us to where we are uncomfortable, it's not our fault! Find another counsellor. Lady Lee also gave me permission to leave some of my history alone, if it's not bothering me. She made me feel safe.

  • BrentR

    I used them for anger management and depression. It took many visits before I was able to get some coping tools that worked for me. looking back I am glad I stuck with it and I feel much more in control now and complete as a person. One of the downsides is you can quickly spot someone else that has some issues and is not working to adjust or fix them. That continues to drive me nuts and I end up just having to stay away from them. I try to reach out to them but I have to draw a solid line as a boundry as when to just stay away. Seeing and recognizing someone that is not dealing with an issue can go toxic so quickly.

    I have heard the same thing from recovering alcoholics and substance abusers only it seems much worse in that case.

  • Scully

    Yes, I have been to a psychiatrist for treatment of postpartum depression. My family doctor was not well informed on the matter and does not have a counselling background, so he made the referral for me.

    I've worked with some psychiatrists during my nursing school training. Psychiatry is a fascinating field of expertise, and one that I may have opted for if my first choice didn't work out the way it has.

  • wednesday

    Psychiatry is a very valid field, as Sculley said. The wts has always frowned on the medical establishment and encouraged alternate medicine. While I think alternate medicine is good, one should not try and treat serious disease with it. At best it is an adjunct.

    The wts would have us believe that all psychiatrists are nuts and want to sleep with the female patients and are crazier than their patients. the truth is: that rumor you heard that crazy patients go to school and become psychiatrist's and therapists, psych nurses, and such-well there is some basis to that. many people after surviving depression, etc, want to help others and go into the field. I would trust them as much as anyone. And It is true that sometimes therapists get involved sexually with their patients, but there are laws in place to prevent that. Any situation where someone has power over another person can lead to sexual abuse. Its not more prevalent among psychiatrists.

    I have seen both psychiatrist and psychologists. Now a days most psychiatrists only do what's called medication management and the psychologist, or social worker , LPC do the counseling. therapy is seldom done like you see it in the Woody Allen movies. But that was an a interesting time and it does still exist..

    I have benefited immensely and owe my life to one person He gave me unconditional love when thanks to the wts, well, all love and acceptance had been removed from my life. Had it not been for him and his kindness and intelligence-I would not be here to say this to you. They really are doctors and it is so backward that our society does not in general see depression and related illness as a disease worthy of treatment. therapy is very important and it can help you a lot. or in my case, it saved my life.

    I think counseling can benefit almost everyone. If you have depression or mood swings, whatever, see a psychiatrist and get in counseling.


  • oompa

    I have been to five or six therepists and psychiatrists and looking back on it much of it has been a hoot! I could be a Psych. as most just monitor meds--"here try this..not working...try this...not working....try this...." you get the picture. Those with advice and direction and explanations are a riot. Some of thier stuff is so off the wall and mumbo jumbo. You can pretty much find someone to tell you exactly what you want to hear.

    could just stay in da troof...oompa

  • wednesday

    Doctors go to school for many years before they are qualified to tell anyone to 'try this or try that". It can be very difficult to find the rights meds. It may look like it is easy but there is so much you do not know.

    i went into therapy with a strong desire to get to the basis of my pain. it is a lot like surgery, it can be very painful.

    You do have to find the right therapist or right psychiatrist.

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