"I am leaving"

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  • DazedAndConfused

    bigdreaux's thread caused me to think back on similar threads where the poster's have been blasted for their exit threads. Most try to reason with the poster with positive responses and try to get them to stay with us, but a few have posted negative thoughts to being downright nasty.

    I have noticed various post's stating "you'll be back" (in sarcasm) to those who outright state that we are better off without you (the poster who says goodbye.)

    There have been good people here, bigdreaux included, who are ostracised for their post to say goodbye. My opinion about the goodbye post's has varying feelings behind them:

    #1) Some are doing it for dramatics. (Maybe not said mailiciously) *(My thoughts stated below.)

    #2) Some are hurt by things said here and yet want to keep in contact with those that have made them feel secure in their painful process out of a controlling cult who have made them feel like less than nothing. *

    #3) Others have done so because they have done their healing and therefore feel the need to go beyond the 'therapy' offered here. *

    For example:

    "I know... with Pioneer School coming up; you won't have much time to post." (Maybe not said mailiciously, I cannot be sure.)

    "oh well" (Maybe not said mailiciously, I cannot be sure.) To put my thoughts in: * * #1) Nuff said. * #2) I think people like bigdreaux fits in this category. He was hurt by some things said here, in my opinion. I may be wrong, I admit that. He may have felt unneeded/unwanted. But don't we all feel that way sometimes? * #3) nuff said. And we should be very happy for these people. Hell I have been on this forum for way too long for my own taste, but on that note, that may too long for some but it may seem the norm for others. I am so happy bigdreau decided to stay, I have enjoyed his thought's and him being open and opening himself up emotionally. In the stagnant post's of late, it has been refreshing to see the views he has brought to the forum. big, I hope you stay (as you have stated in your recent thread), at least until you feel comfortable enough to leave us, as painful as it may be (to us at least.) When you leave, we will miss you, but we should rejoice in your recovery. We should also applaud your decision, because of your healing, that you feel the need to branch out and live life as it should be without the control. Whew, got that off my chest!

  • lisavegas420

    The good bye threads always make me sad. I used to actually feel a little depressed and was one of the "don't leave...I can't stand the thought of another person leaving my life, it's just way too painful" posters. But then I realized that some people do leave and you just never hear from them again...don't know why, either....they didn't even bother saying goodbye..So that's kinda painful.

    I always hope that those that have shared their life and JW experiences with us....will eventually come back if only do give us an update. It's like having the last page of a good book ripped out.

    As for me, I never made an interduction thread, I won't make an exiting thread...I'll just sneak out the same door I snuck in.


  • DazedAndConfused


    I would love to see an introduction thread for you. We all have felt the pain of leaving and I feel that no matter what, even if we feel that our experiences aren't "exciting" (in our own minds). They are important to others, and personally to ourselves, none the less.

    I have always enjoyed your thoughts and comments and would miss you if you left.

    BTW, thanks for responding.

  • lisavegas420

    Thank you dazed, I went back and looked at your very first post..

    Way back in 2001 the first person that responded to your very first post, was larc, I met him in real life he lived only a few miles from me. How cool it that?


  • JK666

    I think that it is possible to become addicted to visiting this forum, and people need to break away for a period of time to live life. Many just do not know how to express themselves about this and just say that they need to leave.

    No big deal. Regain bearings and come back when ready.


  • wozadummy

    Well I did one and was met by a mixed response ,I'm bi-polar and had an emotional time and decided to quit when someone said something nasty.

    A few encouraged me to stay and I'm glad I did OK there are junk posters here but I feel this is because some grew up in the LIE and have'nt grown up yet .

    But by far there is alot of good ordinary people here ,and even though I don't post alot ,I do enjoy reading how others feel and think even though their lifestyle maybe different.

    I've been helped by knowlege and gained strength from others encouragement and cried for those in trouble. It's not the same as being together in the flesh ,but it has been for me better than going to a Kingdom Hall with people who display false freindship.

    So if some leave let's hope they've healed and got their life and dignity back while they were with us here.

  • greendawn

    Personally I can't see why anyone would want to leave in a total way and dramatise things so much, they can always say: "I will not be posting regularly but will drop in every now and then to see how things are going." Perhaps a few posts every three or four months. Unless they go to live in a place where there is no internet access.

    After this summer I will be posting a lot less frequently but I am not saying "I will leave the forum, goodbye to all" to make it sound dramatic.

  • frankiespeakin

    I'm not a good bye I'll be leaving type of thread starter, I guess one reason might be I don't have energy of the kind of emotions nessacary to really get that deeply into it, but I sympathize with those who feel the need to do so. While I may not feel what you feel I can sympathize with you, and hope many will get the attention they need, as we all go thru the process of unindoctrination. I find some very lovely and effectionate response.

  • greendawn

    Frankie I can recall you since my early days and I like the way you keep disappearing and re-appearing suddenly out of nowhere making interesting posts. You never quite disappear.

  • LeslieV

    I am like Lisa...I never introduced myself, so when I am ready to leave I will be gone, but everyone needs to leave on their own terms. Some feel the need to tell others, others feel no need. Whateve floats your boat.

    I always hope that when others leave, it is because they want to live life, not because they felt hurt in some way..


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