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  • blueviceroy

    I thought i would give don a complete read through of "what the bible really teaches " before I made up my mind but the people on this forum have have done nothing bur confirm my suspicions that jws are really pushing mindless propaganda concealed behind a nice pretty picture.It bothred me that all the liturature appears to be targeted towards children even though they use big words. the big red book about revelation had a "this book is the property of" space in the front like the ones I got when I was six. I've been wondering how to tell don that Im not really interested in become part of his organization but after reading about 1000 posts here I can really see that I would make a very poor jw. I think organized religion never works because people are basiclly all a little off . I greatly enjoy being educated about new things and Im pretty sure the bible has been influential in the 20th century . Im still sad that I've encountered yet one more belief system that seems like it really strives for something good and true and then stops or becomes diverted or simply doesnt seem to feel right .I've spent most of my life seeking answers and they only one I find is "we are here " It seems that is all that can be proven . I would sincerly like some feedback about any other truths any one has found that lends value or purpose to our exsistence.

  • eclipse

    Hello blueviceroy,

    All I can say is that each journey is personal, and what is truth for someone, will be considered lies to someone else...

    I have not found a religion that suits me as of yet...I don't think I ever will...but that is just me.

    Good luck on your journey in search of the truth that makes sense to you.

    Welcome to the forum too

  • Hortensia

    the Dalai Lama said the smartest thing I ever heard on the whole subject. He said "enlightenment doesn't come from happiness." In other words, it's a struggle to find out what the purpose of life is and to make your own life purposeful and mindful. Alexandra David-Neel asked one of her teachers, a lama, about people who couldn't do the extreme forms of meditation she was learning, which were referred to as the short path meditations. She said people have kids and jobs and responsibilities, they can't all sit in a cave on a mountain top and meditate like this. Her teacher said, "well, then, they have to live noble lives." To me, those two statements cover it all.



    Hugs to you, I read one of your other posts. When you are traumatized as a child the paradise looks very inviting.

    Stick around, all trains of thought here and unconditional love and support.

  • shell69

    I constantly wear a pentagram on my person at all times now.


    This religion and all others only stand to have controll over their members.

    Beside as far as the witlesses are concerned' I am from my father the devil'


  • Gopher

    Since I posted on your earlier thread, I'll wear a "scoundrel" label with pride, right next to the one that says "apostate".

    As far as this:

    I've been wondering how to tell don that Im not really interested in become part of his organization

    I'd say just start finding things that interfere with your study time. Start missing a study here and there, be too busy doing other pursuits. That'll set the stage, and then Don may begin to sense that you're losing interest.

    Or maybe you want to end it with a BANG right away. Pick a reason -- you could say you don't want to associate with a religion that protects pedophile perverts ( - and don't back down! Thank him for what you've learned to this point (they love feeling that they've imparted something special) but that you will go no further.

    Good luck to you. (You can't say "good luck" if you're a J-dub.)

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    blueviceroy said:

    "we are here "

    That's pretty good stuff. I'm serious.

    Have you checked out posts by James Thomas and Poppers?

    I highly recommend it.

    They won't let you become a disciple either. And that's a good thing.

    Peace and respect,

    Open Mind

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Yes Blue you are absolutely right in that the WTS is a propaganda machine, a thoughtless uncompassionate one at that, full of devious misconceptions and coercion

    and that is the major reason why allot of us left, it's power in some mens hands that got way out of control. When one stands back and has a throughly good look at the organization

    it's easy to see that there is some deliberate exploitation and manipulation of the followers there directly centered of course around the promotion of their merchandise.

    One must be apart of Jehovah's organization and read his literature to able to survive the about to occur Armageddon and so forth..............

    It is the heartfelt and honest intension of people such as myself to make it clear what the WTS all encompasses and to present a warning of the dangers that

    may result because of it. To be a lover of people you don't destroy them or their minds............I am a humanist after all.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Consider your "education" here an inocculation against the WT propaganda

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