Jaw Bone of the First Man in Ethiopia Lived.... When?

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  • Mandrake
    It would be nice to have access to an X-ray or cone beam tomography of the piece, we may se other features such as number of roots from each tooth, bone density, thickness of the enamel layer, etc...
  • Finkelstein

    Problem with these discovered skeletons, when hair and tissue is placed over them , they take on a appearance like no other living thing that exists today.

    This is the Peking Man skull for example.

  • Perry


    Christian Think Tank

    Vivane, I have researched all of your issues and come to different conclusion.

  • Perry

    "Knowing that scientists are highly motivated by status and rewards, that they are no more objective than professionals in other fields, that they can dogmatically defend an idea no less vehemently than ideologues and that they can fall sway to the pull of authority allows us to understand that, in Goodstein’s assessment, “injecting falsehoods into the body of science is rarely, if ever, the purpose of those who perpetrate fraud. They almost always believe that they are injecting a truth into the scientific record.” - Scientific American
  • Viviane
    You've not actually researched so much as relied upon bad logic and the rampamt misunderstanding, lack of education and lies of your fellow death cult members who have a vested personal and financial interest in convincing as many people as they can to remain just as uneducated.
  • Viviane
  • Finkelstein

    Finkelstein, Are artists any different?

    Artists didn't make the skull of which they compose a life like creature from.

    Some not too well educated people have this mental insinuation that the tests that archaeologists use and there are few are all faulty and irrelevant.

    I'm curious to your answer Perry in why are these skulls unlike anything living today., excluding what scientists say or think ?

  • ctrwtf

    @Finkelstein. Dude I saw a guy that looks like that last week in the Bronx!

  • freemindfade


    is that Theresa giudice?

  • user100
    Finklestein: If im not mistaken, I believe that creature has the likeness of God coz it looks a lot like a human...

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