Witnesses designed own non-pagan calander in 1935 Sunday=God day?!!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    In a disasociation letter sent to Rutherford from Olin Moyle bethelite/lawyer in july21 1939 he mentions; "...a tongue lashing was given to C.J Woodworth. {editor of Golden age} Woodworth in a personal letter to you stated that it would be serving the devil to use our present day calander. For that he was humiliated and called a jackass and given a public lambasting..."

    I wanted to know why Rutherford was so mad, that he left his mansion Bethsarim to get Woodworth! What is this refering to. In the 1935 yearbook p.168 a new calander was designed by Woodworth that was not "Pagan, and devil inspired."

    Monday=Lightday Tuesday=Heavenday, Wednesday=Earthday, Thursday=Starday Friday= Lifeday Saturday=Manday Sunday=God day.

    The same was done with the months. {Oct=Logos Nov=Jehovah etc.} Woodworth In The Golden age March/May 1935 published 70 pages of graphs, charts, bible texts, astrology, mathamatics, and information, on why we need a new non-pagan calender. At the same time he sent Rutherford a letter pressing him to use the calander. Rutherford was furious that so many pages of his magazine were used for this useless calander, so he apparently abused Woodworth in front of the Bethel family. {Nice annionted guy!} It was just 10 years since the 1925 embarrassment and Rutherford was very careful about "dates."

    He then published Watchtower may 1 1935 p.142 "The Calander" "...seeing there is a danger of giving importence to this to the exclusion of weightier matters, this note of warning is hereby sounded. God's people should keep in mind the "pyramid" delusion {Russell} and the speculation that accompanied the study of chronology,the pitfalls into which lead many. Do not fall into a simular trap...Be reasonable and moderate. Aviod wild speculation as to at what time and in what manner future things will come to pass. The statements in The Golden Age are not dogmatic..."

    This episode shows the myth of a "faithful slave class." Rutherford was boss, and he could shut down anything written by others that he disagreed with. Just think brothers, we nearly had a new Witness calendar, how enbarrasing would that have been to explain! By the way for all you brothers out there...today is "lifeday" the 7th of the month of "Order" 2007!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Maybe Rutherford thought that the introduction of such a silly idea would make the jws beliefs, which are odd enough as it is, seem even more odd. If that was the reason, he was right.

    Maybe the day he abused Woodworth he was sufferring from a hangover, quits a possibility with boozer Joe one would imagine, and was in an exceptionally foul mood because of it.

  • Mum

    In the 7th volume of Studies in the Scriptures, the French Revolution is put forth as fulfillment of a lot of prophecies. The calendar was restarted during that horrible time. Maybe Rutherford was thinking about not imitating the revolutionaries and the possible comparisons. Who knows what those wackos were thinking?



  • tfjw

    This is fascinating. I was never aware of this. Is it possible to provide scans of these charts and the calendar explanation? I was born in 1935 but my towers do not go back that far. We had an estate sale a long time ago and much of what my parents had was either sold or thrown away.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I don't know about all that other stuff but boy do I enjoy my Mandays!!!

  • tfjw

    I found additional information on this at this link http://www.freeminds.org/jwcalendar.htm with a 7 megabyte pdf with all the documentation.

  • RunningMan

    I have to admit that I didn't know this either and find it amusing and enlightening. It really goes to show just how far up their asses their heads are.

    Woodworth clearly was a jackass. This preposterous calendar really was a waste of paper and an embarassment to the organization (Lord knows they have said enough enbarassing things as it is). It also doesn't make sense. How is Starday any more acceptable than Sunday? And isn't Manday giving undue importance to mere men?

    Woodworth also championed a number of other idiotic ideas back in those days. It seems to me that he was the mastermind behind the outstandingly stupid Golden Age magazines of the 1930s.

  • WTWizard

    Another way to add confusion to the Witlesses. Their appointments with doctors, job interviews, and contracts are based on the standard calendar. They have to go by the standard calendar if they get into legal issues such as jury duty. They have to set calendars by standard calendars. School goes by the standard calendar.

    And now that clown almost had us throw that away. I could just see trying to get a dentist appointment on the Witless calendar. They wouldn't be able to decipher what the Witless meant, and the Witless would refuse to understand the standard months and days of the week. Confusion and probable no-shows would result. And what about those "Pay by" dates on all bills? Are they going to put those in Witless terms?

    As it is, the new service year starts in September. So it would be 2008, not 2007. That would further throw off appointments. You get a dentist appointment 10/15/2007. The Witlesses would read that as 02/15/2008, and probably show up for it in June 2007 when it's actually 6/15. More confusion.

    It is obvious that Rutherford wanted the Witlesses to have as many problems as he could create for them. This monster created enough problems where none needed to exist: advertising, the whole field circus, banning all holidays, and purging Jesus out of the equation. And now it's Ted Jaracz's turn (while he might not foul up the calendar, he is leading the charge to close off the Witlesses from the outside world with the Kool-Aid rags). And Shroeder stymied Raymond Franz's valient effort to clean up the Tower. I'm sure Rutherford is going to have some explaining in Hell, where Schroeder is also certainly. And Ted Jaracz is headed there--all these humanoids deserve ongoing [hellfire, ostracism, everlasting destruction]. I hope theirs are all especially severe.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    At the time they were having the "it's pagan" witch hunts. All major holidays, crosses, birthdays.Valinetines day, rice at weddings, toasting drinks, wind chimes, vaccinations and aliminium were evil, doctors were devils, taking your hat off to a women was creature worship, saluting the flag was worship, voting was support for Satan,saying "religion" or "church" was pagan...things just got out of hand, I think. And Woodworth played a big part.

  • cabasilas

    To make the link in tfjw's post clickable:


    So, if using a calendar devised by "false religion" (Pope Gregory) with origins in pagan worship (names of the week based upon Norse Mythology and Roman gods) is nothing to worry about, then why make a big fuss about Christmas?

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