Luciano Pavarotti Died

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  • Gill

    Pavarotti - Off on his next great adventure! I hope the next adventure turns out as fantastic has his last one!

  • jeanne40love


  • BrentR

    I am not an opera fan by any stretch but I know talent when I hear or see it. He influenced alot of musicians around the world and will be missed. RIP!

  • Hortensia

    poor old guy has had cancer for quite a while. No one should have to go through that.

  • Dagney

    I am in mourning.

    I think he was the voice of the century...he soared over all other tenors, as wonderful as they were.

    Read the story of Turandot, and try to see it if the opera comes to your city.

    Rest in peace have brought me and the world so much joy, pleasure and tears.


    Pavarotti..Liquid Gold..That man could sing!..They`re playing his music on the classical station CBC.....Before he passed..He said,he felt he was now even with God...OUTLAW

  • ronin1

    Watching the 3 tenors in TV back in the 1990's was fantastic.

  • flipper

    I was not a opera fan per se, however that being said, Pavarotti had truly one of the hreatest tenor singing voices of all time. I loved hearing his contributions on U2's and Bono's music. Truly a great loss to music ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • nowisee

    there was a while in my life, post jws, in the 80's, when i became a pavarotti groupie. i saw him perform in person, i think four times, met him three times, got my picture taken with him a few times, brought him a bottle of wine once, got several autographs. those who knew me in that time period have been sending email condolences. i think the was certainly the greatest tenor of his time, and certainly recorded history's greatest. thx for this post.

  • Threestars
    Pavarotti..Liquid Gold

    Oh my! It is so strange to read that. I first heard him sing over 20 years ago when Pope John Paul was in Chicago and Pavarotti was singing "Ave Maria" in a cathedral there and it was on the evening news. I was in my mother's kitchen and I ran out into the living room saying, "Who is that singing? He has a voice like liquid gold." I became a fan, then, of opera, because of his exquisite voice and it has SO enriched my life. My eldest daughter has even become an opera singer.

    A couple of months ago I was driving in my car and was playing a CD of him singing "Che Gelida Manina" from La Boheme. As if by magic, a great cloud of yellow butterlfies enveloped my car--they seemed to come out of nowhere. Soon after that I told my Mother that I was afraid the world was going to lose him soon. I had some sort of premonition. Today, driving home from work I knew that he had died and sure enough, it was on the TV when I got home. I thought about posting it here and then thought that no one would care or even know who he was. (None of the people I work with has ever heard of him) I was so happy to see this post.

    Our world has lost a thing of great beauty today. I am so grateful that he was able to share his great gift with all of us for so long.

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