Don't worry they are going nowhere

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  • The-Borg

    The greatest thing that is holding this organisation is the LACK OF LOVE.

    Love bombing is not love and never will be, when it dawns on a person that the love is not GENUINE then there is no reason for them to continue. This is the society's nemisis and it is purely of their own making. How long can you pretend that a bunch of two faced backstabbing hypocrytes love you? Genuine love, genuine friendship will last a lifetime not the lifetime of your religion.

    My own experience and anecdotal evidence from others seems to suggest that this trend is on an ever increasing downward trajectory.

  • Gill

    Welcome 'The-Borg'!

    The lack of love is what makes it so easy to leave the bOrg when you realise exactly what you will not miss!

    I was a born and raised JW. I knew nothing else. I had real friends at school only who tolerated my bizarre JW upbringing and wanted to be friends regardless of it. When I left the WT I realised that I had not one JW friend and even relatives dropped me like a hot potato when they found out I no longer went to meetings and worshipped the WTBTS.

    There is no love in the WT. There is just sad, lonely and confused individuals who deserve all the misery that they get from that money grabbing book publishing company they believe is the mouth piece of God! How daft can someone be?

  • R.F.

    I agree.

    This was a good push for me when I began to make my mental exit from the organization. Sure, there will be the articles that will drill the point into their heads that they must keep "putting up" with the mess, but there will always be those coming out because they see past the hypocrisy and realize the love that Jesus said would be among his followers simply doesn't exist in a large way among the JW populace.

    I also like your saying that "it's truly of their own making." The JW system is set up for "love" to be shown based on least a large part of it. One thing that struck me as odd when I stopped going to meetings was statements made to me along the lines of.......

    "You know, we can't help you if you aren't here"......or....."We love you, but you have to be here at the meetings for us to show you we love you."

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing! It's like an abusive relationship where an immature partner witholds something, love namely, from the other just because they aren't doing something the exact way you desire them to. That's my opinion at least.

    It's all a question of how much an individual Borg member can take before they throw in the towel.


  • purplesofa

    well said


  • eclipse

    I hope that I am alive when I see or hear of the news reports that the jehovah's witnesses religion has been disbanded due to mass member dissasociations...

    I can dream

  • AlphaOmega

    It is a routine display of "affection".

    But, to use their illustration, it seems like a "dry well".

  • AlphaOmega

    It is nothing but "conditional love" - you obey us and we will love you in return.

    Stop obeying - we stop loving !

  • WTWizard

    "Love": Telling a single brother that all he is allowed to meet at a$$emblies is other men. And that he is supposed to exude with joy.

    Telling people that are trying all they can to put in 10 hours a month that they ought to pioneer. Oh yes, they need to make the opportunities to make the time. Give up your means of sustenance. Cut Internet, cable, and any entertainment. Donate all your money to the Watchtower Society, and live on nothing.

    Giving people talks on subjects that they are having difficulty with, and then giving them W's because they didn't exude with joy and enthusiasm while delivering the talk (never mind that that conductor is not known for giving mass W's).

    Tearing people who care for each other apart from each other with rules and by dividing the book studies so they never cross.

    Taking away all the fun gatherings. No more picnics. Limit the size of other events to a few. No more nothing.

    Forcing people to travel 200 miles and spend $200 or more on hotel rooms to attend a borefest that is going to keep many of them from work, wasting their vacations all the while

    Keeping school children up until after 10:00 PM on school nights, usually the ones that tests are going to be administered the next day.

    Protecting pedophiles within the organization, and then silencing the victims.

    Starting the service day for the congregations at 5:30 in the morning and expecting people to stay up writing letters until after midnight.

    Tearing families apart because one person chooses to smoke, or they see through the mountain of lies but the other members don't.

    All the endless rules. Dressing up in hot weather. No pants for sisters when it is bitter cold. Quiet and Keep Moving signs at Grand Boasting Sessions. Not allowing people to use operating candy vending machines. Having children sit quietly for two hours at a time (more at grand boasting sessions). The White Dress Shirt issue. No wire-rimmed glasses. Toys off-limits for legends of demons. No college.

    This is LOVE?

  • The-Borg

    Which begs the question... why? If they want a dynamic growing, ever expanding organistaion to bring the in money then why are they doing this? I would have thought if they relax all the rules and encourage genuine love then bingo! its a win win situation for them. How many of us would have left if it was a non judgemental, open and loving organistaion?

    Looks like they are hitting the self destruct button to me.

  • LongHairGal


    So, let them self-destruct. It will be well deserved and LONG overdue!!! They won't be missed by me.


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