Canadian National Average Seems to be Increasing

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  • Gill

    hillary - I concur! JWs HATE being JWs and they HATE doing JW stuff!

    Who can blame them!!??

  • RunningMan

    10 hours can be a lot or a little, depending on how you count your time.

    For example, when I was an MS, I would count 4 hours for a family study (which actually happened about 2 hours per year). Then, I would round up my time, so Saturday morning was quite often three hours (the 45 minute coffee break was counted, too).

    And, of course, you're allowed to completely fabricate one Saturday per month. So, 13 hours per month could be counted without breaking a sweat.

    I knew a guy who counted time until he took his tie off, because his Christian appearance would make a favourable impression on the worldlings. You can also put a Watchtower in the back window of your car and count time whenever you drive around.

  • lawrence

    The CO recommends to get the coffee on the run, so more time can be reported...

    1. Most of these zealous door bangers are counting time during coffee breaks - leave an old magazine in the stall, and count the time - zeal.

    2. The hell with coffee break, maybe the door bangers should demand coffee from the householders, bring their kids with tears, and beg milk - then they can count all the time, and save gas while at it.

    Hilary - right on! If we desire to do something, then time is never an impediment - we make the time. What kind of cat do you have that requires that much polishing?

  • RunningMan
    What kind of cat do you have that requires that much polishing?

    I believe that's just a euphamism for self stimulation.

  • bluesbreaker59

    I never turned in an honest service report. I turned in at least 3 - 4 hours per month, and that included time thinking about going out in service for god's sake. When I actually WENT OUT, I counted like 4 hours on a Saturday, because that included driving to and from, and the break. I HATED, HATED, HATED service!!!! Never again!!! Now on Saturdays I sleep or go play tennis, watch tv, smoke meat in my smoker, have sex, "polish the pewter" or anything other than service.

  • Connaughty

    I don't think that JW don't like to go out in the ministry. I know many dedicated ones that that feel very concerned for the people that they meet at the doors. They are very concerned in doing return visits. I know that some embelish their time, and I know that they are content.

    What I'm getting at is..10 hrs maybe a thing of the past ...unless people strech themselves

  • hillary_step


    I don't think that JW don't like to go out in the ministry.

    I suggested the 'average' JW does not like preaching and have to be cajoled or coerced in some way into doing so. The magazines, books, assemblies, public discources, shepherding calls, etc. are all aimed and slanted at persuading those who would rather be 'eating and drinking' to knock on doors.

    If the WTS announced that preaching was no longer a neccessity you would find out exactly what the average JW thinks of knocking on doors!

    There are always some in every congregation who have drunk so deeply from the teats of the Whore of Brooklyn Patterson over the decades that they have convinced themselves that they are actually enjoying Service sessions. I have noticed that many of these have hardly any life at all outside the confines of the WTS. Many are old and lonely and crave the attention they get in a cultic environment.

    Then there are the Service Bags. Twenty-something virgins who put all their energies into their Pioneering, hoping that one day God will send them a love to put some color into their cheeks.

    It is all very sad and has very little to do with 'enjoying' the preaching work.


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    The majority of JWs I knew, myself included, were always right at or below the national average. The fact that they focus so much attention on the national average and that most try only to reach that average and nothing more shows what their true feelings are about the ministry. It's not about reaching people, it's about doing just enough to get by.

  • Scully

    I have been a cong secretary for over many years and I know that many can't do that average. I'm wondering what is magical number all about? Is this just a circuit Overseer thing, or a Society thing?

    10 hours is an arbitrary number. Nothing in the Bible supports having a set number of hours as a standard for determining Spiritual Strength™.

    The WTS stacks the deck against certain people anyway. I was surprised to learn that if a Regular Pioneer™ does any Volunteer Work™ at a Circuit Assembly™, District Convention™ or Special Assembly Day™, they are allowed to count those hours on their Service Report™, while the average Joe Publisher does not. Husbands who conduct Family Studies™ can count an hour on the Service Report™ and a Return Visit™ each week, but the wife cannot, even though she probably does the vast majority of the child rearing and teaching on an informal basis. Elders™ and Ministerial Servants™ are allowed to count their time when delivering a Public Talk™ or conducting the Watchtower Study™, so are the speakers who address larger conventions and assemblies.

    Many years ago, a JW family member of mine was asked to testify on behalf of an unbaptized JW-raised person in a child custody hearing. WTS lawyers came to the congregation to prepare the JWs who had been called to testify for this person. Two of them were Publishers™, the other two were Pioneers™. For the entire week, 8 hours a day was devoted to rehearsing testimony. The Pioneers™ were allowed to count the time on their Service Reports™; the Publishers™ were specifically instructed that they could not.

    At that point, it occurred to me that there was something very wrong with the system when equal "work" was not considered "equal" in terms of recognition by the WTS. I think that's also when I decided that I would just start fudging my numbers to the WTS, and have my "accounting" be strictly between me and Jehovah.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    A circuit overseer in the WTS is very much the same as a middle management job in the business world.

    They have the responsibility to look after the work force in his given area and to see if he can persuade better productivity out of the workers or this case discrete slaves.

    The WTS after all is just a publishing house disguised as a religion is it not. push push push it's nothing new

    Hey I think just gave out new light

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