Canadian National Average Seems to be Increasing

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  • Connaughty

    Our Circuit Overseer is now using the old sermon again...Now, Now, brothers and sisters the national average is 10 hours a month. Surely you want to accomplish this, don't you? He is even knocking coffee breaks so that we can achieve this crazy average. He wants us to pick-up a coffee on the run to achieve this. I understand that he is making the brothers who are carrying mikes at the meetings to have 10 hrs a month.

    I have been a cong secretary for over many years and I know that many can't do that average. I'm wondering what is magical number all about? Is this just a circuit Overseer thing, or a Society thing?

  • sspo

    Nothing new, it's been going on for decades.

    10 hrs a month is what will appoint you an MS or Elder.

    If you fall below 7 hrs a month you are considered weak.

    What scripture do they use for it? None! Another man made rule

    No wonder a good majority lie on their report in order to be accepted by the rest.

  • oompa

    This is such a loving Biblical arrangement. I love how the Apostles and first century Christians turned in their time every month with such detail.

    what a truckload of horseshit....oompa

  • hillary_step

    To be honest ten hours of anything a month is not really much time. I spend more time deciding what day of the week it is than that.

    The reality is that Jehovah's Witnesses, even those that pretend for the main part, do not like knocking at doors. They have to be cajoled, blackmailed, persuaded and threatened into doing so.

    How does the scripture read? "Jehovah is a spirit and where Jehovah's spirit is there lies freedom"


  • worldtraveller

    This is Canada people. Stand up for your rights. Grow some testicles (or ovaries)!!!!! I can't believe what I just read. This is a free country- - for the sake of your sanity----blow that pop stand. Are you or are you not a free thinking individual???????

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    To be honest ten hours of anything a month is not really much time. I spend more time deciding what day of the week it is than that.

    I have to disagree. In order to turn in 10 hours monthly, a JW must devote a significantly larger amount of time because of the way the time is counted. And this in addition to a calendar already filled with meetings, not to mention work and family responsibilities.

  • SirNose586

    10 hours is going out every weekend. I could never get more than 2 hours a day. That's why when I auxed, I had to go out every single day (and coincidentally, was one of the only months that I turned in an honest timeslip).

    Never, ever, ever again. It started to get very annoying. "Well, why don't you have a study yet?" I'd be asked. And I wanted to say, "What, do you think I'm gonna call back on these people again?" Even when I was in, I didn't feel like calling back on people.

  • truthseeker

    I concur with the 10 hour requirement. An elder said to me that "if you're hours are under 10 the CO won't look at you."

    10 hours is a LOT.

    For example, it is 4 Saturday mornings from 10 - 12:30 pm.

    Recently, my book study overseer told the group "if we are doing only 5 hours, perhaps we could do 15"

    15 is a huge jump from 5.


    Four Saturdays at 2 hours = 8 hours
    Three Sundays at 2 hours = 6 hours
    One Sunday at 1 hour = 1 hour

    Total = 15 hours

    This is ALL your weekends taken up by ministry as well as the meetings.

    And that doesn't include meetings for field service as part of the hour requirement.

  • WTWizard

    This illustrates the fallacy of the whole organization. They need to initiate the use of coercion by threatening to remove "privileges" and calling people "weak" if their time doesn't meet certain quotas. And then they wonder why they don't have any "Bible Studies".

    To me, a sound organization would not need to initiate the use of coercion (or force, either) to get people to do more. If this was truly an exciting place to be, if people were truly at their happiest while serving Jehovah, there would be no need to initiate coercion or force to get people out there. If anything, they would be showing up volitionally at all hours of the day and night to do service, and having the group meet at 9 AM would result in people showing up early (rarely would anyone ever be late), and they would hurry up and get out, staying out most of the day. And it would be quality time, people moving as directly and briskly as reasonably and sustainably possible, to achieve the objective.

    The fact that guilt, coercion, threats (and occasionally even force) need to be initiated to get people out in service at all indicates that the whole thing is a scam. People are not at their happiest while out there in starched suits with the collar button done, with white dress shirts (or dresses for sisters, in the coldest part of winter). They do not seem eager to get to the door. They need threats and rules to get moving at top speed--indicative of the fraud. I would bet that if people were genuinely at their happiest while out in service, and there was no pioneer arrangement or hounding to get out more, people would volitionally be out there 200 hours a month and up. The hounding is definitely not acceptable.

  • hillary_step

    The point that I was making, which has not even been noted, is that ten hours or twenty hours a month doing something that you want to do is not an issue. Most of us spend this sort of time watching TV, or at our computers, or polishing the cat.

    The fact is that even if the requirement was five hours, the average Witness would need to be cajoled, blackmailed, threatened and coerced into showing up at the Service arrangements. The preaching work is not something that the average JW enjoys doing.

    That is the point I was making.


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