Names of 5 dead Tennessee elders released

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  • 95stormfront
    Could the society be liable for this? Since they should have supplied proper transport for these 5 guys? The question seriously needs to be asked.

    You can be assured that the Soceity will steer these distraught families towards their "at least they have the resurrection" evasion of responsibility card.

    The question is, will the bereaved then go after the pilot's liability insurance, if in fact he was carrying any.

    Hope in the resurrection is a poor substitute for the cold hard cash that'll be needed to keep their homes warm this coming winter.

  • BizzyBee
    They are dealing with it maybe better than most because of that hope," Turpen said.

    He cannot possibly say this in all accuracy and honesty. These people are in profound shock. It is waaayy too early to say how they are dealing. Wait til they lawyer-up...

  • GentlyFeral

    Well, in an ironical way I'm glad to hear about the safety/liability issues.

    I mean -- if Jehovah wanted to shut down the Regional Building Committees, all he'd have to do is instigate a string of lawsuits on the part of neighbors. But killing five ignorant men? That's way over the top. And don't cite the revenge fantasies of the Old Testament: I don't think the Alleged God has any business doing that, either.

    gently feral

  • 38 Years
    38 Years
    They are going to have a memorial service for the 5 elders in Johnson City at the same place they have conventions there.

    I hate the memorial service popularity in the dub world. It seems like a dismissal of the person's life, and an outward display to show to the congos and the public how faithful they are. The dubs need to validate their beliefs about death and faith in the "resurrection to a paradise earth" (with the same old scriptures).. They won't even give their "brothers and sisters" a proper funeral service and if the family wanted one, they could become targets of gossip and labeling among congregation members. I do feel bad for the families since they will be expected to keep their grief at a minimum to prove they are faithful to the beliefs. Their mourning period will be cut short when other dubs keep reminding them they will see their husbands and fathers soon since the big "A" is coming soon. They will have to comply to this pressure.

    I was wondering, since the pilot was a "brother" also, did he own the private plane or did they rent the plane? If they rented it, who paid for it? Brooklyn absolutely has the money to pay for it, but I doubt they would. Does the money come out the contribution box where people give specifically from the Kingdom Hall Building funds? I don't think that people expect the "builds" include private plane service.

  • moshe

    John, good luck at lunch with your Dad.

    This plane crash flies in the face of every made up WT story about Jehoover protecting his faithful servants who are working for the Kingdom interests. I wonder how they will put a positive spin on this crash? Most JW's, unfortunately will never learn about this accident.

  • Blueblades

    In LIEU OF FLOWERS, all donations can be made to the kingdom hall???? Why not to the family???


  • Honesty
    I had a big weekend in field service. but will not tell the stories here till the MODS. REMOVE MY RESTRICTIONS FROM STARTING TOPICS. JOHN THE WT EXPOSER

    We can't wait to hear about your uplifting experiences accompanying the False Prophets as they paraded their Plastic Jesus up and down the street.

  • blondie

    I wonder If Barb and Joe Anderson knew any of them. They from that area.

  • BlindersOff1

    DO you think they cried out to Jehovah for help?

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