Names of 5 dead Tennessee elders released

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  • garybuss
  • Honesty
    "We really, we're shocked by it because everyone that I've talked to that has flown with Jim talks about the fact that he was constantly on the radio talking to the radio control towers," explains Waite. "He had redundant systems for safety in his aircraft, we're at a loss."

    Where is the wisdom of loading Five 200 lb.+ men in a Bonanza and attempting to navigate over the top of a 4,000+ FT. high mountain???


  • Honesty

    I hope his estate has plenty of liability insurance:

    1987 BEECHCRAFT A36 FAA # N326DK

  • greendawn

    At least their never ending adolescent fantasies give them some protection from some tough realities. No one should sympathise with those seeking to further extend the already vast and dangerously destructive JW global network.

  • ithinkisee

    I was thinking the exact same thing Minimus. Had to get that little dig in there that they are better than everyone else.

    Sad all the same.


  • 95stormfront
    Where is the wisdom of loading Five 200 lb.+ men in a Bonanza and attempting to navigate over the top of a 4,000+ FT. high mountain???

    I just responded to this issue on another thread. Just a rough weight calculation reveals that this plane was dangerously overloaded which would throw it's center of gravity way off. You would think that a pilot with the money to own and fly a plane that complex wouldn't make such a bonehead error. The redundant system that seemed to have not been compensated for was the pilots own complacency in ignoring the paperwork.

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    Could the society be liable for this? Since they should have supplied proper transport for these 5 guys? The question seriously needs to be asked. Why can the society still skimp on transportation for people who are clearly WORKING For them. These guys should have at the very least been insured by the WTS.

  • Scully

    Nice for them to plan the Memorial Service on Friday night. That way everybody can go out in service on Saturday morning.

  • moshe

    It should be plain to the GB- Jehovah did not want that new Kingdom Hall built and maybe he is telling the WT society- no new KH's, no more preaching, no more growth- the preaching work phase has now been completed.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    I know how much I'm hated on this site for my candor. but i got extra frequent flier miles with my jw dad from this sad event. just by asking him WERE THE HELL WAS JEHOVAH, YOU CAN'T TELL ME THEY WEREN'T DOING JEHOVAH'S WORK HERE? and gave him some details. and asked maybe they had whores on board? I asked doesn't it allways say in the WATCHDOG MAG'S HOW jehovah protects his true followers to expand KINGDUM INTERESTS? WHAT IN JOE-HOOVERS NAME HAPPENED HERE.? well this story and my telling my dad about some child molester cases the wt has lost in the last few months. and all of a sudden after not talking to me for months, he in the last few weeks invites me for lunch, coffee, and just calling me on the phone to talk with me the WILD AND CRAZY APOSTATE. my dad knows i can't control my self, and will tell him the latest dirt about the borg. but he was upset today when I told him i'm too busy at work to have lunch with him. and trust me he knows what he's going to hear from me. but he wanted to here a flaming APOSTATE AT WORK. i loved about 3 years ago dad and me were having lunch and some snot nosed jw came into the rest. and sat down with us. I started tearing this guy to shreads, and my dad told this jw " you picked the wrong person to argue the TRUTH with" I was proud my dad stuck up for me < even in a roundabout way> i've learned to use these stories to my advantage with jw's. no matter how sad they are. BTW I had a big weekend in field service. but will not tell the stories here till the MODS. REMOVE MY RESTRICTIONS FROM STARTING TOPICS. JOHN THE WT EXPOSER

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