Scan of "Crisis of Conscience"

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  • Santisimo

    Can someone help me find a pdf version or a scan of Crisis of Conscience? Thanks!

  • OnTheWayOut

    I am confident that there is not one. Ray published this before people were doing that, and his
    method of publishing even the most revised edition was to get it printed. Then he or someone
    stored the books in boxes somewhere. They gotta move those boxes. If they scan, all that
    effort will only cause them to be stuck with the boxes of books.

    It is not expensive, and it is worth it. Order from JWD links or from link.

  • exwitless

    Buy a copy from Ray Franz went through a lot of trouble to write and publish the book for the purpose of selling it. It's not free; it's well worth the money.

  • garybuss
  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I have often wished he had digital versions available. I would love to be able to use it in correspondence by cut and paste. But alas he did not do so, And I would not want to short-circuit his book sales anyway.

    He paid the price of being able to write that with 60 years of his life. It is not expensive to buy. His site is; if you want to order it direct from him.


  • Gopher

    I owe Ray a lot more than the price of this book. If you order directly from his publisher Commentary Press (Gary's link above), that will give him the best profit, and he's definitely earned it.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Great minds think alike Gary?


  • Highlander
    He paid the price of being able to write that with 60 years of his life.

    So very true.

    If you aren't able to receive the book at home due to living with other j-dubs, you can very cheaply open up a p.o. box or a mailbox and have the book sent there. After you read CoC you'll probably want to order others books as well and the p.o. box will work very nicely for that.

  • educ8self

    I know we have it in our public library, so it is possible to access it without buying the book. Maybe they'd order it if your area does not have it?

  • brinjen

    I agree with the general opinion on here. It's not an expensive book, it's also Ray's bread and butter. Just buy a copy, it's not expensive.

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