The Occult Roots of the Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Stampy

    Below: Notice the Masonic cross in this Freemasonry meeting hall.

    In his book The Watchtower

    & the Masons Fritz Springmeier says :

    "It has always been disconcerting that the Masons are so adept at smokescreens. The leader of the Anti-Masonic political party in the 1830-1840’s turned out to be a Mason. Both C.T. Russell and J. Rutherford printed material that was less than favorable to Freemasonry. And yet I now know that C.T. Russell was a Freemason, a Knights Templar. I also know that Rutherford worked intimately with Freemasons who were his good friends."

    The Occult Roots of the Jehovah's Witnesses

    Read the eye-opening,Be Wise As Serpents(free online .PDF book), by political prisoner and Christian, Fritz Springmeier.

    Read the eye-opening, Occult Theocrasy(free online .PDF book), by Edith Starr Miller.

    She wrote the book in 1933 and lists Charles Taze Russell as a Knights Templar Mason on page page 737...

    Read the eye-opening, The Watchtower and the Masons (free online .PDF book), by political prisoner and Christian, Fritz Springmeier.


  • IP_SEC

    Hi stampy,

    Strictly speaking, all religion is rooted in occultism.

  • fresia

    agreed, been to any churchs lately, they're all pagan and occult, not just any ROOTS of JW, at least they got rid of them, churchs haven't.

  • Gill

    The WTBTS is always criticising other religions and beliefs because of their 'roots'.

    Perhaps it should take some of its own medicine!

    The 'roots' do matter.

    The religion is steeped in superstion and fear of Debil and Demuunz!

    I have never ever seen Satan and the Demons mentioned anywhere as often as when reading a Watchtower magazine.

    The bOrg is Satanic to its core.

    It would be interesting to measure the amount of times Satan is mentioned as compared to Jesus or Jehovah!

    They are obsessed with all things Satanic. They have elevated Satan to God like status in their fear and veneration.

    Compared to what Satan is apparantly responsible for , Jehovah's is painted as a bystander in human affairs who constantly procrastinates.

  • Terry

    Why is Theocracy spelled Theocrasy Are they crasy or something?

  • minimus

    I'm sure "Stampy" has been around here in one form or another.

  • B_Deserter

    I think back in the day the cross and crown was very common symbolism used by many churches.

  • Siamsa

    I noticed a cross in the photograph. I did not notice anything that would identify it as a 'masonic' cross. Could you enlighten me ?

  • LearningToFly

    When I first started investigating religion, particularly the JW religion online, I was quite amazed and intrigued to read of their Masonic background.

    It is also very interesting now looking back, that the one elder whom I had a close friendship with and respect for had told me when I was about 14 years old during music lessons that he taught me, that he was a Mason before he became a JW.

    I am still pondering over this memory and thought, why he told me this to start with. As well as knowledge that he often visited my grandmothers ex husband whom I was allowed no contact with because he was considered an apostate who also practiced dowsing.

    I totally respected this man and still have respect although he has passed on. He was also very respected in the congregation. He never did get in trouble for his visiting with the apostate grandfather, nor for his avid research and study using many different sources constantly researching different topics.

    My mind still wonders about the Masonic thing though, and why he told me at such a young age. I didn't remember it until years later when I started researching.

  • Siamsa

    When one considers that the Masons are older than JW's, where is the surprise that members join the Org. ? The masons are international and represented throughout the Christian world by various religions (mainly protestant) but also Catholics. It is not a secret so where is the surprise ? Any news on the so called Masonic Cross in the first post on this thread ?

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