Why did the puny human cross the road

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  • datsdethspicable

    To get to the other slide? oops wrong joke.

  • You Know
    You Know
    So here we have a powerful person causing pain and grief to others, and laughing at their fear while he does it.

    I often wonder if apostates are really that stupid or whether you just pretend to be? Not that it matters. But the Scripture in Proverbs that I was alluding to doesn't say that Jehovah causes the distress and then laughs at his hapless victims. The extensive span of verses is specifically adressed to his people who reject his word and disciple and who ridicule his judgements. That's all of you. Jehovah's judgment is that what you dread will come upon you like a storm wind. That is not Armageddon. The storm that is coming upon mankind is a tempest of human and demonic making. Evidently it is even now in the beginning stages. Without question humans have the will and the means to obliterate huge portions of their fellow men with various weapons of mass destruction. The fact that apostates would blaspheme and blame God, mankind's only Savior, for allowing them to be destroyed by the world you so love and trust only confirms that God's judgments are entirely righteous. Why shouldn't Jehovah hold the accursed children of the apostasy in contempt and ridicule you for your perversity and stupidity? / You Know

  • expatbrit

    I often wonder if You Know will ever make a post that doesn't contain a petty insult.

    Jehovah's judgment is that what you dread will come upon you like a storm wind.

    Let's assume that this actually happens. Jehovah's judgement, according to your theology, is to allow this "storm wind", this "tempest of human and demonic making" to occur. This will presumably cause pain and grief to all us accursed apostates. And while this happens, Jehovah will laugh at our pain and fear, and ridicule our no doubt pathetic attempts to preserve ourselves and our families.

    And this is the action of a just and loving God, is it? All of this, just because apostates, and humankind in general, fail to believe the error-ridden, frequently deceptive and ever-changing jeremiads of an insignificant fundamentalist sect in Brooklyn.

    Imagine a child playing next to a river. Maybe the child's father has told him not to play there. The child ignores the father, and falls in the river. The father sees, and stands upon the river bank, and ridicules the child's efforts to save himself because that child ignored the father's warnings.

    That is the situation you paint. That is the black character you foist upon God. I am no longer afraid of God's judgements (if he exists) for I no longer have a part in that great character defamation. But you, and your masters in Brooklyn, who picture God as vindictive and petty and uncaring, you are the ones who should be in fear.


  • Satanus

    Judgey wudgey youknow. Glad we got a judge in our midst. When was the last time you met god, YK??


  • tdogg

    Well said XBrit.

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    (((((((((comf)))))))))))Thee's my fav pic! lololololol Havent seen it in awhile....thanks,luv,T

    Ps Bobby should have done the Owlsely way back,the primo acid,,,instead of all the street sh+t lol

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