"Hypocrite Organization"

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  • Trilobite

    Two clarifications:

    (i) Mommy posted significantly damning evidence in the form of letters that really caugt my attn. I think she has been a major contributor in all of this. Kudos W.!

    (ii) forge in the sense of "make" not "fabricate."


  • Lefty


    Hypocrite Organization "Disassociates" from the UN

    With regards to the above, you said:

    Yes, I wrote it, and it took me 20 hrs of careful thought.

    Of course you realize that a hypocrite by definition is a person that pretends. Is it not true that you regularly go to the meetings at the Kingdom Hall ... pretending to be a loyal JW? Yes you do, by your own admission as a matter of fact. Do you plan to tell the press that you yourself are a hypocrite? I wonder what the press would think of you if they knew the truth about you. Do you have the courage to tell them just how much of a pretender (hypocrite) that you really are?-lefty

  • cyberguy


    Regarding your statement --

    The Watchtower then went further, demanding that its name be immediately removed from the UN's web site, in a futile attempt to hide their adulterous relationship. It was removed on or about noon of October 17, 2001.

    When did this happen? Can this be verified? -- Just curious.

    The snippet "in a futile attempt to hide their adulterous relationship" may be true, but can you prove that was the motivation? Rather, might it not be better to just say: "this has all the markings of a cover-up."

    Also, this added stuff seems a little out of place here....

    Also in the news, the Watchtower's policy on dealing with pedophiles will be exposed on a fall edition of Dateline NBC. Members accuse the Watchtower of issuing policies, which hide cases of child abuse, in an attempt to present an image of a "pure" and "clean" organization headed by no other than Jesus.

    Why go off topic? Sounds too much like the author has an ax to grind. Instead, perhaps you could make a few quotes from Watchtower literature to drive home your excellent arguments -- just a suggestion.

    Overall, this is very well done. I especially like your opening paragraph.

  • outnfree

    Excellent piece, Bible Ex!

    Your lead paragraph is GREAT!!!

    In the second, what an "NGO" and the "DPI" are will need to be spelled out -- literally -- as the general public will have no idea what those initials represent.

    I agree with Tribolite that the published Awake! articles since 1991 met the criteria for informing the WTBTS's constituents about UN issues. Perhaps the third paragraph can be refined to reflect that Awake! supported the UN while The Watchtower hypocritically kept to the historic party line, as did other internal publications (the recent books on Daniel and Isaiah's prophecies?).

    This line slayed me:

    For outsiders to fully understand their view of the UN, it would be akin to how the rest of Christendom views the Antichrist.

    Just perfect!

    And, much as I'd like to see the pedophile issue publicized, I think the Dateline NBC program plug here doesn't fit well. I am confident that whoever your contact is (Michael McAteer?), if religion is his/her beat, will now find it interesting to contact silentlambs to hear about this other poor policy issue by the Watchtower Society!

    I know you didn't post with a view to critiques, but you know how all us ex-dubs just relish the freedom to speak right out!...


    Par dessus toutes choses, soyez bons. La bonte est ce qui ressemble le plus a Dieu et ce qui desarme le plus les hommes -- Lacordaire

  • MacHislopp

    Hello Biblexaminer,

    thanks for sharing with us

    your " ...work of art "! I think that, if you do follow

    the few suggestions, already given to refine the post

    and add those quote it will have a GREATER impact on

    those who'll read it.

    I would also suggest that once "redefined ...and polished

    like a true gem..." you should post it on the main thread

    as a natural follow up of this matter.

    Thanks for your time and efforts, including Hawk.

    I'm sure that all here, do appreciate it!

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

    " One who has an accurate knowledge
    of God's Word will have no problem
    in refuting false religious ideas".

  • Gozz


    I was under the (perhaps mistaken) impression that the Watchtower withdrew from the UN as a preemptive strike against being investigated for a fraudulent application and possibly being sanctioned.

    Seems to be that, and also the need to destroy easily accessible information on the Net. Many JWs (including Bethelites) were logging on to the Net to view the evidence. By hurriedly dissocating, the Watchtower saved themselves the disgrace of being booted out of the UN.

  • biblexaminer

    Thanks for the good critique. I know that all those who have offered their thoughts are only doing it for the sake of the greatest impact.

    When I sit with the reporter, (and for those who call me a hypocrite,YES I will sit with him,) I will use whatever there is at my disposal, including this website, to get the best effect.

    And for "lefty"... I will leave the instant it's right that I can do so. I want out. I am not a hypocrite, but a jailbird.

    Now you on the other hand, being a Watchtower lover, and being here also, are a different matter...

  • Trilobite


    BX is in no sense a hypocrite; he is merely doing what his religion instructs him to do, or rather not to do. If one has doubts one must not discuss them with one's fellow JWs, otherwise it might create divisions. Talking to the press is different from creating divisions amongst the brothers. After all, the WTS has a grand record of legally establishing and declaring the good news. What does it have to fear from the press.


  • MadApostate


    As I have pointed out previously, at least twice, the following statement is WRONG.

    ... According to UN documents, they had to agree to ... "encourage political activism in their community."

    That quote comes from the paragraph which defines NGOs generically, and is part of the list of activities in which some NGOs MAY be involved. Those activities are NOT criteria for UNDPI association.

    If that quote is incorrectly included in any circulated communication, the WTS will use the misuse of such to discredit the entire piece.

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