Buying Alcohol for Senior Citizens

by OUTLAW 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • orbison11

    hey 'OUTLAW' do you really live out in the digs in our beautiful province? like that far out as you described?

    oh you are a lucky fellow,,,and alone,,sheesh,,what a paradise that must be")


    ps if you are every looking for a cowhand let me know


    Orbison11..Yes,I really live in the wilderness..The scenery is breath taking!..A few more months and the desert mountains will be covered in snow..Last year it was waist deep..There is no way to get here without a 4x4 in those conditions..I will be buying a snowplow for the front of the truck this year..I have a large snowblower,but the job is just too large on a daily basis.....Most of the Ranchers raise horses and cattle.....I raise Penguins..LOL!!.....Drunk,Cigar Smoke`n,Pain in the Ass,Penguins!..LOL!!...OUTLAW

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