The End of The Days

by greengopete 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • worldtraveller

    Another common thread I have noticed here is that being educated is some kind of sin. Imagine your creator wanting you to remain as dumb as dirt. Just what are these ppl afraid of?

    I saw some religious show this morning which was dedicated to teaching how to tithe. Maybe that's the link. Dunderheads donate it all, intelligent, worldly people do not.

    BTW, would someone explain to me just what they mean by worldly?

  • educ8self

    How do you teach how to tithe? 10% is pretty much basic math.. Motivate perhaps.

    Anyway worldly is of course most of the world that the JWs/others are sheltered from, because they translate that scripture as "being no part of the world" rather than in the world but not of it. Therefore they are afraid of such things as seeing brief nudity in an R rated film.

  • changeling

    So sorry. I'm not interested. Please put me on your "do not call" list.


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