Body Modification/older societies/similar to WBTS view of women

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  • Cicatrix

    I agree with you, Restrangled.

    Kinda weird we are supposed to be the most powerful country in the world and we've NEVER had a female president, even though women have had the right to participate in politics for around a hundred years now.

    Awakened: When I left the JWs I did feel like an alien, lol. Still do a lot of the times.

    I am amazed at the number of women that just accept things as they are and don't speak out about this.Well then, of course when I do, I'm labeled a " RADICAL FEMINIST CRAZY ^&*()" LOL-ooh, scary.

    I am puzzled when men use sayings like " don't be such a pussy" and "quit being such a girl" to taunt each other, then say that they don't view that as being a putdown toward women. They call each other "f*g" and "homo*" too.If they don't like something, then its "gay"

    Men who are assertive in business and politics are "successful go getters." Women are labeled "ball busters" and "butch," among other not so flattering terms. And the worst thing is, even other WOMEN join in this type of name calling, like doing so helps them jockey into a better position with the ruling class.

    Can someone please explain to me how using a word that describes something about a member of the opposite sex or someone of a different sexual orientation as an insult is NOT a putdown toward that group????And DON'T use that tired old phrase "boys will be boys". What-are boys and men all mindless robot drones? Do they just speak and not think about what the heck they are saying? Why is that okay? Why is it wrong to gently point out that what they are doing is offensive?

    Yeah, yeah. I know "LIGHTEN UP." The catchall phrase that is constantly used whenever someone objects to objectification

  • educ8self

    Good post Cicatrix. Clearly we see a reflection of how women and femininity are viewed as weaker in such expressions, but I would bet that the effort to dominate women comes from a recognition that there is a feminine power which makes men become stupid, horny retards. So instead of a thing of beauty sexual union becomes associated with power and dominance, or manipulation. The crude and blunt approach of the masculine gets circumvented by the kind of savvy feminine seduction.

  • restrangled

    Great comments from all and consider this:

    My mom has been part of this Orginization for over 70 years. Her experience means nothing, in the presence of men half her age and younger she must "Kow Tow" to (an oriental term that means to bow down or submit to).....

    She must cover her head to pray in front of a male etc.

    What a bunch of crapola. This is my point, keeping women subdued, and in the background no matter the cost. In the US, physical mutations are not allowed, but the mental crap is still practiced by various religious organizations, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society being one of the most guilty of this practice.


  • educ8self

    Ah thanks for mentioning Kow Tow, that must be the Chinese expression where the Kow means actually hitting the hard ground where it makes a "K" sound and Tow means head.

    It's actually worse, if we look closely it is evident that it's not just formally practiced by specific organizations, it is embedded and permeates in the culture. A while back I was working with someone who remarked "you wouldn't want to be married to a woman smarter than you, would you?" Umm.. And it's good to be with someone dumber than you?

  • restrangled

    Just one more comment on this subject:

    It is amazing that 60, 70, 80, and 90 year old men are making the rules for women who have never been out of the confines of their little world. Most have never been married and none have had children. To loosely Quote Crises of Conscience, ....they have everything done for them. Their rooms are cleaned, their clothes are cleaned, meals served, and they never are really exposed to day to day life as experienced by anyone else.

    Can you imagine men from the 1950's and earlier making rules for women in 2007? That is exactly what goes on with WBTS.

    Had there been any body modification for women that was accepted practice in the US at that time, you best believe it would still be done.

    The age old "keep the women in their place" attitude from that earlier time period is still firmly practiced and in place.


  • wednesday

    So much of religion is dedicated to controlling women.

    Why are women feared and in need of severe controls?

    to add

    I had a friend in the military and he said they only tolerated the women 'in charge' . none felt a woman was capable of doing a man's job.

  • restrangled


    Its because of the old belief that a woman, seduced a man to sin. (ie: talked him into eating of the tree of knowledge.) they have to be contained, hidden and kept quiet.

    They are the seducers and in the end Man's downfall.

    Who is it that is pictured as riding the worlds governments? A harlot, a woman tempting them into bad behavior.


  • changeling

    How about panty hose?

  • changeling

    Here's a gem I think I've mentioned here before.When I was a little girl, I knew and elderly, annointed CO who always stayed at our house when he served the cong. He made his elderly, feeble, annointed wife wash their clothes by hand to train her for the "great tribulation". I never saw him lift a finger.


  • nvrgnbk
    I knew and elderly, annointed CO who always stayed at our house when he served the cong. He made his elderly, feeble, annointed wife wash their clothes by hand to train her for the "great tribulation". I never saw him lift a finger.

    Just the kind of guy I want ruling over me for a thousand years.

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