Definition of "Active Publisher" depends on the context

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  • Splash

    If you report every month you are 'regular'

    If you miss a month you are 'irregular'

    If you haven't reported for 6 months you are 'inactive'

  • NewYork44M

    That seems fairly relaxed doesn't it? Pop a field service report entry in for an hour once every six months and you are an "active publisher"!

    If you want to drive everyone crazy drop in a field service report for an hour - every 7 months. You have just created additional work for the Secretary - and they hate that.

  • sparrowdown

    If you poop once a day you are regular.

    If you poop once a week you are irregular.

    If you haven't pooped for six months you are probably dead- which, BTW, is how the WT will treat you.


    Actually not far from the truth....Sir82

    I posted that from real life..You can count FS Time from a hospital bed..

    With a "WBT$ Advertisement Card",on your hospital bedside table..


    That reminds me outlaw - there was an experience years ago about our dear sister "Laurel" who witnessed from her iron lung- complete with photo of Laurel in said iron lung.....sparrowdown

    Image result for Watchtower literature cartImage result for iron lungImage result for Watchtower literature cart

  • sparrowdown
    On the plus side, trolleys are easier to park next to some poor bastard's hospital bed - hell you can even park one at the graveside of those that have passed.
  • DesirousOfChange

    I think if you report SOME time during the past six months you are counted as ACTIVE.

    Not to be confused with REGULAR publisher were you have to report SOME time for EACH consecutive month for that last six months.

    That's the way it's been for decades that I know. Former Cong Secty.


  • sparrowdown
    Hey, if you park a trolley next to a fire hydrant does that mean the fire hydrant is "active?"
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    This topic reminds of the concerns and efforts WT has placed for many decades of assisting inactive ones get back into the swing of things; that is of reporting field service time. Whereas WT can be quoted as saying that close to 50,000 get df'd each year, a KM a few years back stated that close to 50,000 become inactive annually.

    Wow! That is one hefty amount! Close to 50,000 df'd or disassociated annually plus another 50,000 inactive in the same year!

    If you figure 100 members per congregation; that tallys out to 1,000 congregations per year or 20 congregations a week that are pretty much vanishing.

    So...why the need for new Kingdom Halls???

    Sorry for going off topic!

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    You ex-elders remember how you use to pad the books before the CO visit. Elderly sister only able to attend the meetings.

    Sister elderly, how many times a day do you mention Jehovah to someone, how often do you tell someone you are a JW. When you go to the doctor he knows you are a JW and no blood, that's a witness..

    I figure we can muster up two or three hours for you this month.

    Did you speak to the neighbors dog about Jehovah?

    You told me you fell in the yard and yelled out, Jehovah help me and your neighbors came to your aid, that's a witness. They heard you calling out Jehovah. Maybe you got into a dispute with your neighbor and before you could call this woman a name you call on Jehovah out loud please get this bitch out of my face. You see that's a few minutes...

    You see sister that's how I get my hours each month...

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