Definition of "Active Publisher" depends on the context

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  • Simon

    I don't know what the current definitive rule is that determines whether someone is viewed as an "active publisher" or not. I've seen comments suggesting that it is reporting a certain minimum number of hours per month which seems reasonable.

    What is interesting is how they change the definition of what an active publisher is based on the context. Normally, you are never doing enough, however much you are doing, and too little or some missed reporting will get you a talking to.

    But note how they class 'active' in one of the latest Body of Elders letters:

    The secretary should check the Congregation’s Publisher Record (S-21) cards and count the number of active publishers in the file. (Active publishers are all those who have reported some field service time within the past six months.)

    That seems fairly relaxed doesn't it? Pop a field service report entry in for an hour once every six months and you are an "active publisher"!

    Wait a minute ... why is that definition so relaxed? Well, it's so the count is inflated to be as high as possible. Why? Because it's for the congregations to work out how much they should be donating to buy the next circuit overseer's car. Yes, they want the congregations to pass a resolution to send 3.00 GBP x number of active publishers so of course they want the definition of "active" to be as loose as possible.

    Isn't it funny how the definition changes based on whether it includes you in the head-count for a contribution vs whether it is a judgement of whether you are doing enough for the religion?

    You always need to be doing more ... but when it comes to putting a price on your head for a contribution, it seems the absolute bare minimum is plenty enough to get you included!

  • FadeToBlack

    So what's next?

    (Active publishers are all those who can still fog a mirror and someone currently attending still remembers them.)

    Kind of an overlapping active publisher thing... It is amazing how 'creative' the org can get when it comes to money related matters.

  • sparrowdown

    If you can't make the quota - tweek the definition of "active" and lower the standards.See how easy-peasy it is to keep the numbers nice and massaged. Always wondered if they get some kind of tax break or subsidy for the numbers of active pubs staying above a certain amount? Why else would they be so obsessed with them, apart from using the stats as a propaganda tool of course.

    What you see is definitely not all there is with these people. Also, all the more reason for everyone to stop reporting!


    You could be in a Hospital ....In a Coma..

    If you have a "WBT$ Advertisement Card" on your Bedside Table..



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  • sir82

    You could be in a Hospital ....In a Coma..

    If you have a "WBT$ Advertisement Card" on your Bedside Table.

    Actually not far from the truth.

    In our congregation a couple are caregivers for an elderly relative.

    She has been senile for probably for or 5 years, but until just 3 months ago, they caregiver couple dutifully reported "15 minutes" for her every month.I suspect they pinned a Watchtower to her blouse and wheeled her around the nursing home a couple of times.

    I guess they finally got tired of the charade.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    But note how they class 'active' in one of the latest Body of Elders letters:

    That would be an interesting letter to see.

    I think if you report SOME time during the past six months you are counted as ACTIVE.

    Not to be confused with REGULAR publisher were you have to report SOME time for EACH consecutive month for that last six months.


  • sparrowdown
    That reminds me outlaw - there was an experience years ago about our dear sister "Laurel" who witnessed from her iron lung- complete with photo of Laurel in said iron lung.
  • FadeToBlack

    @sparrowdown: not reporting is such a 'naughty' and subversive idea. Or, on the flip side, everyone could start reporting 180 hrs - that is only 6 hrs/day. I mean common. You are awake at least 6 hrs/day (I hope) and you are a JW. Shouldn't every waking moment be spent somehow witnessing to others, especially since we are so close to 'the end'.?

    Wouldn't you love to see the secretay's face as he scanned thru all the reports with 180 hours? Can you see a 'local needs' part coming up soon after that?

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Just have all the Witnesses stick a pin on and go to work.
  • OneEyedJoe

    George said what I was going to - this has always been the definition of "active" as far back as I can remember. The point remains, though, that the WTS does seem to get a lot less strict about things when they're looking for cash. I'm sure they'd take money from the ghost of ray franz where he to offer it.

    As for the idea of not reporting because of this, I say do the opposite - make up time for as long as you're forced to be in. The more "active" pubs there are that aren't donating, the greater the disparity between what they ask for and what a publisher is inclined to give will be and it might just make a few wake up. There's a limit to how much they're going to get no matter how much they ask for so I don't think there's any downside to reporting time from that perspective.

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