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  • berylblue

    No, shamus, I think you're right.

    But welcome, Willow. We can use the comic relief. Minimus is a big slacker lately.

  • sens

    Oh yer....Hi & Welcome Willow

  • jwbot

    Willow, try the model thing again. Do you WANT to pole dance? If it makes you feel uncomfortable, do not do it. I do not have a lot of knowledge of the industry, but there are a lot of drugs and prostitution...and to be in the industry and not fall into those habits, you have to be a strong person. I would recommend against it. Of course, you also might be testing us evil people and want people to say "yeah take yer clothes off" so you can say "see? see? Those people ARE evil". Well that won't happen here...

    I am a young person in debt myself, and I am getting out of debt by cutting up my credit cards and getting credit counsuling. Try that first.

  • jwbot

    Ohhh what are the watchtower song numbers?

    Before we can start with your registration, please enter the first service meeting song numbers as listed in the September 2003 Kingdom Ministry
    September, 08.
    September, 15.

  • 1stylist
  • getting it
    getting it

    I registered xjwmatch.com recently...

  • happehanna
  • ball.

    I dont know if I'm still on there, but when it first opened, I put a joke member on there saying I needed a women who was good around the house, good at cleaning dishes and had strong thighs... and I got a reply 2 days later!

  • AlanB

    Just want some imput on something. I am a sister and I am over £10.000 in dept. I have two children to support. I used to be a model and still look good. I have been offerd a great job pole dancing in a classy joint. It wont involve taking any clothes off, Just dancing in a bickini. I could be earning an obscean amount of money up to £2000 a week.I guess its not the ideal job for a wittness. but it would only be untill I payed my depts off.

    Hmmm Depends what would happen if the body of elders caught you in there.... <g> or perhaps the District Overseer...

  • AlanB

    I signed up ages ago out of curiosity, there is a free trial account you can set up. There was quite an array of 'sisters' from all ages, they all put on their profiles how they wanted to pioneer and do more in service etc etc...

    Some of the 'brothers' profiles are worse, ambitions to become elders, or even DO...

    I lost interest very soon after.

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