I told a lie

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    bible says forgive 77 times

    yes, but the bible also says not to keep a count of the injury ....so purps will never get to 77 cause we're not counting....

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    hey purps.. I know I am on the late show here,if I didnt say so before...nice pic!

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    Hi purps,

    I know what you are saying here. I don't like to lie either.

    Just last week I was going to call in sick so I could go on a job interview. I don't get paid for sick days, and can't really afford to miss even one day pay, so, I decided to go to work and be honest with my boss. I normally wear shorts and tee shirt to my office job at a construction company. I showed up at work that day dressed in business attire. I told my boss that I wanted to be honest with him, and that I have a job interview at 10 o'clock, it is a great opportunity for me and I thought it best to be honest with him. After he hit the roof (blah,blah,blah) he calmed down and he said he was OK with my decision after I explained how I would handle the situation if I got the new job. I also let him know that this is not the first job that has come along but it is the first one I was interested in. I went on my interview, but so far have not heard one way or the other if I got the job.

    Anyway, when I got back to the office that day my boss called me to his office. I was all ready to get the boot but instead he gave me a $1 raise and told me what a great job I do for him, I will be missed if I leave, etc! I am glad that I decided to be honest with him. Had I just called in sick, I never would have gotten that raise.

    Mosttimes, I believe honesty is the best policy. It certainly was in this case.


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    way back when... I was removed as an MS and reg pioneer under the charge of lying. (being "Double tongued"). It was not true. Just jealous pioneers going after me. If I could tell you what the 3 things they said I was lying about, you would just die laughing (1 of the 3 things was lying about my time....not true then....I am now turning in phantom time..but that is not the funny one)

    In light of that experience, I am very careful not to accuse people of lying..... and how many of us havent told a lie in some form or another? Some lying is to protect the feelings of others, we lie because sometimes people do not need to know the truth..... but lying to hurt people is just wrong.

    SnakesInTheTower (of the "usually truthful" Sheep Class)

  • Twitch
    People really dont want to hear the truth.

    True dat

  • greendawn

    I can recall one of the emotional pains of being a JW was having to tell the truth all the time and feel guilty if ever using lies. That makes one feel so vulnerable to the world and so burdened with a cumbersome principle.

    Of course telling lies to people that ask about things they are not entitled to know makes no difference they shouldn't be asking in the first place. The same goes for telling lies to those that made a habit of telling you lies. Or telling lies when this is in the best interests of their recepients.

    Above all the WTS is an org that thrives on lies and deception and has no right to moralise about any issue.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Your employer wants you to use acceptable excuses rather than personal reasons for
    needing a day off. With acceptable excuses, he doesn't have to lie for you to his bosses.
    He doesn't have to dock a day's wages, or record an incident in your file that leads to
    dismissing you. You are doing him a favor by using an acceptable excuse.

    Next time, phrase it so you are telling the truth.

    "I have a terrible headache (thinking about this personal problem). I need a (mental health)
    sick day. If you have any questions, please call my cell number, as I will be going to the
    doctor or the pharmacy if the condition persists (or somewhere else if necessary)."

  • unique1

    I did that too for the first time ever. I called in sick, mainly because I was tired and just wanted to sleep really bad. I called it a mental health day but I felt like an ass for lying to my coworkers. I knew I had nothing pressing that day as well which helped. I think everyone does it once in a while. When you aren't given personal days, just sick or vacation, sometimes you just have to do something unscheduled and are forced to use a sick day.


    Purps..You needed some time off..You took it..Not a problem..Doing something for personal reasons is nobodys business but your own......The WBT$ dosen`t give a rats ass what the average JW thinks of them..The WBT$ can shut them up in a heartbeat......The WBT$ is worried about what people outside the religion think about them..The WBT$ can`t control the outside world..The outside world can take away the privilages away the WBT$ enjoys,by being a religion.....The WBT$ is scared of the consequences,if the outside world should ever find out about the corruption within the WBT$...OUTLAW

  • Mum

    Why did you need to lie? I'll tell you. It's because someone else owns you for at least some part of the day. When other people have such arbitrary authority and exercise it unfairly, it puts one in a position where it's almost impossible not to lie sometimes in order to take care of family matters and other matters that the person who owns you does not consider a legitimate reason not to do their bidding.

    There should be no problem with having someone cover for you if you need to take care of something else. But people who live in their little boxes and, therefore, want you to stay in the box they have created for you just can't see the worlds of possibilities to do things differently.



  • purplesofa

    The comments to this thread have been great.

    I really never realized how vicitimized I have become by feeling like I always needed to tell the truth.

    But really, I like being honest and upfront, I don't have the greatest memory and find it horrible to cover a white lie that I tell.

    I don't feel like I do things I need to coverup or hide from people, not that I am going to blab all that I do, but you know what I mean.

    I would never lie or coverup anything. I did that as a child and wife, hiding abuse I had recieved. And I just won't subject myself to that again.

    I am not going to lie for the organization. I won't go out and openly protest, but I won't sugarcoat anything.

    ok, blah blah blah

    back to work.


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