How to tape secretly?

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    ``Obviously, no committee will ever allow judicial proceedings to be tape-recorded or all witnesses testifying before the committee to take notes.''
    What's`` obvious'' is their contempt for fairness and the rights of the accused. What a shameful contrast to Caesar's godless courts, where a stenographer prepares a transcript that is later made available to interested parties. And they're the Godless ones?
    Add this document to pile of self-incriminating material that is far more damaging to their claims than anything written by ``apostates.''

  • Hmmm

    If you can get the meeting to be held at your house, have it in the same room as your computer. You can use the computer to record the conversation. No worries about tapes running out, etc... just a $20 microphone.


  • toddy

    I brought a MP3 Player that records up to four hours,it has a built in microphone so you can clip it onto your belt, and if anybody asks you can tell them your just listening to music!

    "Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day. Give him a religion, and he'll starve to death while praying for a fish".

  • Simon

    Oh I'm incredibly sneaky and devious...

    The hardest part is keepoing a straight face when they ask if you have any recording devices. For some reason I said "No" when I should have said, "Yes thanks, two for good measure"

  • nelly136

    theocratic lie simon its allowed

  • Francois

    Recommend an MP-3 digital recorder with additional memory. As has been noted, there are no moving parts and with additional memory, some will record up to six hours. You can get a good one for around a hundred bucks. Be sure there is no "end of memory" alarm on the one you get. You want one without it, or you want to be able to disable it.

    Then, when you've got your meeting recorded, you can download it into your computer as a file and email it all over the world.


  • MrMoe

    Just be careful if you do tape record it - it is illeagal to tape a conversation without consent and I believe the elder's manual mentions this is not allowed. The WT is sue happy - they like to file law-suits left and right from what I have seen - you don't want to put yourself in a legal bind. Good luck - I hope you can pull it off.

  • hillbilly

    That's ironic-----they'll sue YOU, but it's un -chhristian to protect yourself in court from a "dead beat " brother or the org itself.

  • Derrick

    As a satisfied customer, this digital device is truly the ultimate in covert surveillance as recommended by a CO who tapes various meetings:

    Olympus DS-320 Digital Voice Recorder

    The new DS-320 Digital Voice Recorder is a compact, easy-to-use recorder providing over 5 hours of high-quality recording time and featuring IBM's® new ViaVoiceTM version 8.0 speech recognition software for simple speech-to-text conversion in a PC. These speech files can be quickly downloaded by simply connecting the recorder to your computer with the provided serial or optional USB data transfer kit and selecting the files you wish to download.

    Features and Benefits

    Has 16MB of built-in memory providing for up to 320 minutes of high-quality recording time in Digital Speech Standard (DSS) format (ideal for sending email to colleagues and friends)

    Two (2) folders for organizing notes under separate subjects with 99 messages per folder. These messages can also be easily moved from one folder to another for organization purposes.

    LCD display helps you check remaining recording time, date and time, voice activation mode, play mode (SP/LP) and battery status.

    Two (2) recording modes: SP - 150 minutes standard mode/LP -320 minutes long mode.

    Voice activation will only record when microphone senses sound. Option of choosing between two different microphone settings (high and low) for voice activation.

    Provides an external earphone jack so you can utilize earphones or headphones for private review of recordings.

    Provides an external microphone jack for use with external noise-cancellation microphones (Model ME-12).

    Fast playback: 30% faster than real time.

    Partial erase lets you erase one message at a time or an entire folder at once.

    Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

    Regular price: $249.95 Sale price: $194.95

    (NOTE: I paid $199 for mine and it came with IBM voice recognition software that transforms the recorded meeting into meeting minutes. I strongly recommend shopping around on the web for the best deal. [b]I don't necessarily endorse the above quoted site, but quoted it so you will know the kind of features that are "cutting edge" in meeting recording!)

    This recorder is small enough with hardly any weight (as if it was "cardboard" it's so light) as to hide in small spaces like a dress-shirt pocket (it won't sag because it weighs so little). :-)

    Best of all, it has a computer interface which I have used to transfer the voice file to my computer, then email it to anyone as an attachment (or you can snip only the portion you wish to send using the standard Windows recording software).

    The amazing part is that an hour conversation takes only a few megabytes, because Olympus has a patent on the best high-fidelity compression software on the market! (Normally an hour could take 10-20 times as much memory at the highest quality digital setting.)


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