What Do You Do?

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  • hillary_step


    I link to this Board a couple of times a day, sometimes in the early hours and there is always a flurry of activity, often from an enclave of veterans. I wonder, are you all in prison? I understand the PC's are allowed in some facilities.

    Do you all work? If so, is your employer deaf and blind or just philanthropic?

    A chuckling - HS

  • pettygrudger

    Well, i wouldn't say the boss is philanthropic - but Alt/Tab does a world of wonders!!!!!!

  • joelbear

    I am in business development for a consulting company. I have a private office.

    I have produced leads that have resulted in $950,000 in sales this year.

    My boss generally leaves me alone.



  • larc

    Hi Hillary,

    Being retired, I am a prisoner of my own house. My wife won't let me go any where. (She thinks I am a dirty old man.) So, I sit in front of my webtv all day, hand cuffed to the chair, and my wife brings me an occasional ration of bread and water. Now and then, she lets me free, so I can rearrange the furniture for her or carry the groceries in from the car. Tomorrow is my birthday, so she said I could have one day of freedom.

    For you who don't know me. This is tongue in cheek humor, hence the name Larc, the name I use in real life when robbing banks.

  • Ranchette

    I am my own boss and I need to fire myself!!
    Getting poorer by the minute.

  • RR

    I'm a Letter Carrier for the United States Postal Service. I come home for lunch and post till my hearts content ... lol

    I Still Believe ....

  • bboyneko

    I work as a web designer and need to be on the internet all day..i just leave this site open and post whenevr something interestes me

  • JBean

    I'm in consulting and it's slow... slow... slow... so I check my e-mails every minute and post on occassion. : )

  • Satanus

    I'm a self employed commercial painter. That is walls and cielings. I guess its a leftover from dub days. I can sluff off untill i starve, except that people seem to like my work and they keep bugging me to do more of it.

  • Esmeralda

    I'm a prisoner of my own body. M.S. has taken much of my independence in the past year, not an easy thing to adjust to. I had to stop driving because I have bad depth perception. I stopped working before I was dx'd because I was already sick and didn't know why.

    Now I know, and so does everybody else except Social Security, who seems to think that I can still hold a job. Probably take several more months for my appeal hearing :(

    My boss (my nearly six year old) lets me have computer time now and then. *lol*

    Before I left my last job I was working as a portrait photographer. My true love has always been writing though, so I guess I'm lucky in that I have more opportunity to do it now...

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