opinion on judgement day...what u think?

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  • gotcha

    i was thinking that based on the way God judged adam and eve as well as lot and his fam i can see that He only asked them to perform a seemingly easy task such as dont eat from that tree and don't look back..this seemingly easy task would actually be a symbol of one's radical obedience or rejection of Him...so i think that maybe the next judgement day...God would ask us to do a seemingly easy task that would embody what our real feelings are toward Him...and maybe all religions are like tools....they could actually help/put u down in terms of faith or get you ready for this final question..just like a class which gets you ready for the final exams....i dunno if this makes sense..oh well just an opinion...do any of you know about the catholic perspective of fundamental orientation/commitment?--mch

  • MikeNightHaShev

    That simple exam choice was already given and depending on your choice you either are blessed or cursed by your choice.

    Deuteronomy\Devarim: 30:19
    I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day,That I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse;Therefore choose life, that you may live, you and your children.

  • gotcha

    thanks for your rep...hmm i thought i had something original hehe...too bad...but do u think there's really going to be a judgement day?

  • SC

    Jehovah and the heavenly angels know us intimately as they knew what Lot and his family would do. As we live and experience life we live a certain way. We are hard to change our ways so Jehovah has seen how a person lives as they watch us and are aware of our dealings with each other.
    It would seem that there would be a judgement day as this is what is in the Bible. If we are following Jehovah's laws and obeying His commandments we shouldn't have to worry about judgement day.


  • pomegranate

    1 John 4:18
    18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

  • MikeNightHaShev

    >>but do u think there's really going to be a judgement day?

    People's assumption of the Judgment come in the way they missperceive
    Heaven, where it is, what it is, and the players involved that are written of.
    By making Heaven another place and the characters Mythical outside their context, then judgment also becomes a delusional scenerio and not one based on reality of life.

    Judgment is always built in to our nature, it's called cause and affect, action reaction.
    We already proved that we are interconnected and affecting each other, through Bell's Interconnection Theorem which Proved this function of nature and no-one has realized this, as it fits the secrets of life. Because together with David Bohm's Theory of Connection we now see the workings of the balance of life, where every action has a mirror reaction and connects with the whole. This is a major breakthrough in man to finally see, 'THE WAY THINGS ARE'.

    Our Micro and macro existance, has always held Judgment on us, holding us accountable for our acts and our being.

    As far as the more tangible noted Biblical Judgment this involves a Judgment on our works and what we have become compared to where we should be and could be. Therefore Judgment comes in this age of information where past mistakes can be outted and analyzed and chastisment of things like the nature and actions of the church can be outted. The Church and it's clergy are judged and transgressions and iniquities exposed. It's people judged, secular society judged, the Media judged, everyone is being judged through knowledge of what we know could be better by knowing how things ought to be.
    This is why it says the sWORD out of his mouth he will make low those lofty and arrogant people. Through light (knowledge and truth) we fight darkness (lies and ignorance and folly).
    When we don't repent history shows we repeat our mistakes and pay the price (our Judgment penalty rather then our just reward)
    So we get to chose, to live in our own made hell (the curse) or live in a blessed perfected existance we call the Kingdom/Heaven/world to come.

    This fragment concerns either the retribution in store for the wicked or the rewards awaiting the just.
    Frag. 2 [ . . . ] custody of the angel of intercession [ . . . ] 2[ . . . ] Your [st]rength. and to fight against all the la[nds . . . ] among them Your rewards (retributions?) [ . . . ] 4[ . :. . ] and Your judgments You] make marvelous among them [ . . . ] s[ . . . concern]ing [a]ll Your works [ . . . ]

  • gotcha

    thanks....i am not actually afraid of judgement day or whatever u may call that day coz i think of it as being judged then if God thinks that you're not good enough then maybe you'll die..or something....death for me is actually even more ok than living..i mean living is fine but death ends it all ...all the pain..and if ever (if ever) the jw's perception of death is true then it's even better coz even if i have a pretty good life i think that there's no point...i still couldnt find meaning in studying then working then having a family then being stable then come sickness...death..and even if there's everlasting life..what's the point..i find rest in death...that's what i think..........the question is why did God create us..was He bored.....according to what i've learned in theo..it's God's overflowing love that made us...i dunno...
    for mike....so this judgement...may we call it conscience?

  • MikeNightHaShev

    >>>so this judgement...may we call it conscience?

    People still have that?...Concience??? We don't see people with much conscience anymore....people do for themselves and for the NOW because they don't get the cause and affect thing I pointed out.

    Anyway something to add to my post to better describe Judgment references:
    Fire in regards to judgment means the heat being turned up by the Judgment. By turning up the heat or ‘fire’ is like the analogy of the metal refiner who turns up the fire/heat to force the impurities to rise to the top so they can be skimed and removed, leaving just a more pure and valuable product.
    In regards to humans spiritual growth as transgressors the more we rebel and become lofty the more the Judgment fire is turned up to put us in our place and this process although uncomfortable to our ego is something that helps purify our nature.
    Notice the more one comes up against me and become personal towards me instead of the issues then the more they become unfair and vindictive towards the messenger because of the unpopular message.
    I then in response become more harsh in my judgment of their actions and reactions. In other words I am turning up the heat forcing their vile nature to come to the front and be exposed. Once it’s exposed they can see a mirror of their behavior and thus remove that vile nature if they chose to purify themselves through this removal that floated to the top.
    This means someone who wants to be all he could be and spiritually grow and mature can learn from all chastisment of their behavior acts or beliefs and use it to remove the impurities in their lives.
    A man with ego is one who will usually refuse to let the judgment work for his benefit and instead of appreciating the insight the ego will displace blame or see the fire as something to hot to handle.
    So if you are spiritually grown or one who seeks to be all you can be then the fire will purify you, but if you are always rebeling and blaming others and have trouble taking criticsm (ego) then this fire will devour you and make you suffer unto the hurt ego.

  • gotcha

    true true...though i prefer to call the judgement fire - conscience...conscience operates in 3 levels....the superego (instinctive level), moral/ethical, then the christian....well the superego basically operates based on fear of punishment while moral/ethical recognizes the value in doing something which is good...christian obviously has something to do with grace...i think that though there are a lot of people who are becoming more self-centered i still believe that they are still some who do care....
    mike..im wondering are u involved with any other religion at the moment?

  • MikeNightHaShev

    I'm Jewish, out of the Kohanim.

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