Calling All UK ers I'm coming for a visit.

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  • AlphaOmega

    You could be right Mr Sad Emo...


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    AO I just saw the words 'easily digestible' on that can - judging by the effect it used to have on my poor dog, that's the understatement of the century lol!

    ps - you may want to check out my gender sign!

  • AlphaOmega
    ps - you may want to check out my gender sign!

    PHEW !!!

    It took me a while to work out what you were talking about

    I'm glad that I figured out what you meant.

    I have to say, posting here and reading here makes me tend to ignore the "facts" about people (racial / sexual etc). Has that icon always been there ?

    Sorry Ms Emo

  • Jez

    Stay away from the big London. Been there twice. Once to see Phantom and just this March. March was better because we stayed at Arran House on Gower Street. Lots of B&Bs there like this. You can check this place out on the internet. Walking distance to Circle Square, Piccadilly Circus,West minister abbey, Houses of Parliment blew me away,Theaters, British Museum, etc. Loved walking around this time. Very safe area for a single female. Took the subway up to Candem Town to check out the gothic section of London. Pub crawling is fun. In March I went on a boat ride down the River Thames. EXCELLENT way to see the sites, hear a tour and meet ppl. I got hit on by the driver of the boat. Major cute young guy that invited me to go pubbing with him that night. I played along, didn't go of course because I am married and was 4 months pregnant. Shhhhh. Cheap markets up there and excellent clothes/culture.

    My favorite thing to do is to visit little English towns. My husband is from Grimsby, so I LOVE York because of the Minster there. Europe's largest gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. Excellent town to walk around in seeped in history.

    My other fav town is Lincoln because of the Cathedral there. This is where part of the DaVinci Code was filmed. Another gothic building and absolutely stunning. Great town. Great B&Bs in both York and Lincoln.

    I love the mansions/houses there. My fav is the Burghley House Unbelieveable. You can't imagine the heaven and hell staircase until you see it. It is mind blowing.

    Castles. Edinburgh Castle is great. But my favorite is Warwick Castle. If you can get up there, well worth it.

    Stay away from the cheap ridiculous York Dungeon or London Dungeon. Tourist rip-off.

    St. Paul's Cathedral is beautiful. It is where Charles and Diana got married.

    I hope that this is a good start. I have more ideas if you want them. But that is some of my favorite. When you say "Europe" don't quite know where you mean. When you decide where in Europe, I have been to Paris, some other small towns in France (Normandy/Arras), Amsterdam, Germany, Belgium. Let me know and I will tell you specifically what I loved and didn't.


  • noni1974

    This is going to be my first trip over seas.I've never been out of the US before.I would love to see everything.But I know I can't.

    My main goal is to see as much of the UK as I can.If I have time and the money I would like to go possiably to Germany,my family is from Germany but they have been in the US since 1752 and none of my family has ever been to Germany except in the service in WW2 since then.I also want to maybe go to the Prague I have a friend there I would like to meet.These would be day trips or just over night.I might also like to see but not climb the Alps.

    I know for sure I want to see Ireland and Scotland.But I don't know what to go see.Dublin sounds nice.I don't know any citys in Scotland to go see.Any and all suggestions will be looked into.I'm not affriad to leave the beaten path even by myself.

  • AlphaOmega

    How long will you be over here ?

  • noni1974

    I'm planning on staying for 2 too 3 weeks at most.I hope.Like I said it won't be till next year in July but I want to research and get maps and guide books and plan where to go and how long to stay.Wherever possible I hope to meet other EX JW's along the way so I'm not alone for the whole trip.I think that will make it more fun.

  • Mariusuk.

    Come top Brighton baby!!!

    email nearer to the time

  • tijkmo

    i'll show you around scotland....glasgow edinburgh loch lomand all close to me. email me

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