2nd and 3rd responses to my UN Letters

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  • ozziepost

    Good point, Path. HOWEVER (don't ya luv that Watchtower language! ) taking copies of the two Guardian articles and letting them 'speak' could serve as the cruise missile in any discussion. Couple them with a copy of the UN statement and you have a very telling story.


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  • slipnslidemaster

    My way of attacking this issue has been as ozzie said, couple the article from the Guardian and the fax from the UN. I think that enough is said from just those two. Perhaps a photocopy or print of something particularly inflamitory and recent from the WTS to boot but I think that is enough.

    And remember folks, none of those is apostate literature. I think a nice little windshield campaign at the Kingdumb halls would be nice with this stuff. In addition, if someone good with the words would write a nice press kit and send it too your local paper, I think that would be nice.

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