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  • bj

    As little JWs, my brothers and I weren't allowed to join the boys scouts as it was affiliated with the Catholic Church. On the other hand, the WBTS can affiliate with whom she wants, such as NGO, FIREPHIM, etc., etc. (Romains 2:21-23)

    Therefore, I would like to thank the HYPOCRITE Governing Body, for depriving us some good moments and for not allowing us to be 'like others'.

    If anybody know of any official WBTS letters concerning Boys Scouts or Girl Guides, I would be happy to know about it. Who else was deprived from joining the Scouts?


  • Prisca2

    I wasn't allowed to join the Brownies (the junior level before you can become a Girl Guide) either.

  • OlderTom

    My mate was a Boy Scout leader. They wouldn't babtise him until he resigned. After all trying to make decent citicens out of kids from broken homes (not all)Is not the Christian thing to do, is it?

    What did JC say? Look after orphens and widows.

    No sir not for Jdubs

  • Pierced Angel
    Pierced Angel

    My daughter just joined girl scouts (she's 11). We're getting a late start, but at least she can still be in it. They did teach the girls to lower and raise the flag for a flag ceremony, but all the other things have been very fun like camping, building a campfire and cooking over a fire.
    My daughter told a witness friend and she had a horrible shocked look come over her face. I can't believe the restrictions that were placed over us, ridiculous.

    My daughter is absolutely loving it.

  • Englishman

    I was a cub! Dib dib dib and all that. However, I got drummed out for pulling faces at Bhageera and told to re-apply when I had come to my senses. When I tried to go back I was told no by my Dad, most unfitting activity for a JW he reckoned, all that doing of duty for God and the Queen. Missed out on school trips to Paris France as well.

    Great life being a dub kid - I don't think!


    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be....

  • Jourles

    Me: "Ah, c'mon mom, why can't I? It's fun and some of my friends from school are in it."

    Mom: "No, it is nothing more than a young men's paramilitary organization."

    ohh gaawwwwd

  • openminded

    Faithful dubs will rationalize this situation and say that the WTS can affiliate with the U.N. because it is furthering the preaching work and thus it is necessary.

  • openminded

    I wasnt allowed to play sports in High School despite being heavily recruited to do so by coaches. Id like to sue my parents for being so stupid. Athletisism is/was as much a part of my identity as the nose on my face. I was told that what I wanted/needed was wrong/worldly. What a joke.

  • Eyebrow

    My son was 7 before I left. He wanted to join the scouts soon after we left, but I felt very wierd about it. I finally allowed him to join the Cub Scouts last year and it has been a great experience for him. (He is 10 1/2 now). We were always told we couldn't join because it was patriotic, not affiliated with religion. I din not discover the religious angle until after he joined, since each Pack is sponsored by a church.

    However, the scouts encourage the boys to be active in any church that they belong to, and have varius badges for all different religions the boys can earn if they choose too, it isn't required. We opt out of the religion part, but it has never been an obstacle to my son being in the scouts.

    Many of my witness friends and I would call the scouts 'paramilitary'. It really is a great organization to belong too. It teaches repect and responsiblity. Like any other group, though, if you don't have a good Den or Pack, or if your kid doesn't put effort into it he won't get a lot out of it.

    It is a shame how much witness kids miss out on. The scouts is not for everyone, but it is a shame that the Witnesses condemn it before they actually do their own research into it. Yeah, you really cannot be a scout without saluting the flag, but it is too bad Witnesses many times really don't know what the scouts are all about.

  • bj

    Thanks for your comments. Any more?


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