Killing time during meeting...

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  • brunnhilde

    I used to balance my checkbook sometimes. Another favorite was unsticking the pages of a new Bible or folding back the dogears of an old one. Good times, man do I miss going to meetings... NOT!

  • Rubens

    A friend of mine's father used to be able to sleep with his eyes open, so peacefully. We proved it at a DC by waving our hands in front of his face, nothing... no movement at all. We all envied him!


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Making cartoon captions on pictures in the Watchtower was my favorite. Me and a friend used to black out certain words in scriptural passages to make them mean something else. We got through the entire book of Esther and a little bit of Lamentations. We would also go through the song book and debate which songs would make the best Rap songs. The Shulamite Remnant was the winner incidentally.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Rubens, are you sure he wasn't just catatonic from what he was listening to? It's been known to put more than a few people into a zombie-like trance.

  • karvel

    i usually hide a novel inside of my theocratic ministry school book or watchtower. i recently finished The Sex Lives of Cannibals by Maarten Troost. this thursday i'm gonna start Holy Cow by Sarah McDonald. yea, i'm into travelogues


    Ah, yes... I used those two boring hours to manicure my nails.

  • aquagirl

    fill in the o's in the publications..or draw better hair and other accessories on the drawings.

  • monophonic

    before i went to europe and was learning italian and semi fluent in bad-grammar french, i'd translate the talks in my head in one of the languages.

    then, by the time i went to italy, i actually understood 75% of the talks at the hall.

    that's when i thought about joining a different language congregation b/c i was so sick of hearing the shame shite over and over again, i thought it would at least be nice to learn another language and make the meetings like free language classes.

  • Vernon Williams
    Vernon Williams


    Welcome to you new posters: glad you are on the board!!

    I ALWAYS paid attention, took notes....I think you guys are naughty and very, very bad association:

    Hope we get to know one another better!


  • choosing life
    choosing life

    It was a good time to go through my personal calander and organize my week. Also liked to draw pictures of the speakers in cartoon fashion.

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