What would happen if life was found elsewhere?

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  • freemindfade
    Less of an "if" and more of a "when" I believe they will right it off if its not intelligent life as meaningless, and if it is intelligent life they would say they are "demons" lol

    What would happen if life was found elsewhere?

    The Same Thing That Always Happens When New Life Is Found..


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  • mynameislame

    They have already said that life on other planets wasn't likely because if there was they would probably have settled the universal question of who will worship god willingly.

    My question has always been why can't the angels answer this question?

    Maybe this whole universal question is a 5 out of 9 proposal and there are 9 other planets with human like creatures.

  • freemindfade
    If that is the case why was there nothing set up for the angels ala the Fruit. So satan stirs it up, and humans suffer for 6000 years and on to prove a point the angels were a part of, so many holes,
  • BU2B
    What amazes me is how believers dismiss outright even the slightest possibility of even simple life ANYWHERE in the universe, yet accept fully the existence of angels, demons, hybrid giant nephilim offspring etc
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Such a discovery would basically contradict the Fundamentalist Christian view of the Bible and would create a ruckus among them not just the JWs.

    The first discovery of potential life will not be able to directly detect life but only the unique atmosphere it grows in. If it's similar to Earth with a substantial Nitrogen/Oxygen atmosphere then that will be an indication that there's something alive on that planet. Otherwise the atmosphere in a non-living planet would be mostly Carbon Dioxide.

    This would be detected by analyzing the light between the planets' star - its sun - as it goes through the planets atmosphere. Our telescopes are not quite able to do this for Earth like planets at the present moment but better technology preferably a space built giant telescope would be.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I really don't see such a discovery shaking the faith of JWs. There are already far more damning scientific facts that disprove JW teachings, such as the age of modern humans which is approximately 200,000 years old and not the 6040 years that Watchtower claims. Yet these scientific facts don't do much to shake most indoctrinated JWs because they either:

    1. Claim that the scientific findings are in error or are false.

    2. Come up with crackpot, pseudoscientific explanations to reconcile scientific findings with the bible.

    I think the age of humankind and the mountains of scientific evidence in favor of evolution are actually far more faith-damaging than any discovery of extra terrestrial life, ever will be. Why? Because unlike the origin of species and the age of mankind, the bible is very silent on the subject of extra terrestrial life. There is really no bible verse that one can point to to show that the bible denies the existence of ET life. The bible is as silent on ET life as it is on life in the Americas. So finding ET life, while it would be surprising, really wouldn't do much to shake JWs' faith in the bible or Watchtower.

    My guess is that Watchtower would initially deny the finding, saying that scientists have made a mistake or that its just false propaganda by those trying to discredit the special creation of life on earth in favor of propagating the idea that life evolved elsewhere just as it evolved here.

    Then after a while - years, or decades - Watchtower would finally get "new light" and say that the bible is really silent on the issue of ET life and that it is a book meant specifically for humans and so it should not surprise us to discover that Jehovah created life on other planets, while the bible is silent on the matter, because the bible is not a science text book yadda yadda yadda . . .

    Did you know that the cousins of the JWs - the Seventh Day Adventists - already believe there is extra terrestrial life out there? Yes, Ellen G. White believed there are other unfallen worlds out there! If you ever talk to an SDA ask them their thoughts about the possibility of life out there and see what they say. See if the term "unfallen worlds" (or similar) rolls off their tongue. If the SDAs can believe that, then it shouldn't be hard for JWs to adjust to such a discovery.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    "Okay rule out humn-like aliens what about animals plants and microbes... I once had a hot fight with an elder when I still believed that here was no reason to doubt alien animals etc. Yet NOT based on any WT article witnesses reject this often.

    There is a 'reason' why fundamentalist Christians would not believe in any life out there. It simply diminishes the Genesis account were all plants and animals were created for the benefit of Adam and Eve.

  • wozza
    If life or evidence of past life were found the WTS would just buy out a bit more time with a statement like this "The important thing is that the issue of Universal Sovereignty was settled once for all time here........" all the time hoping that nothing that contradicts the statement is found.
  • rmt1

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