The bros. at ground 0

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  • tdogg

    From WOL:

    "Someone from GC sent this e-mail to me. It is a very nice and encouraging experience.
    Hi Everyone,

    We were very happy to hear the news this morning that elders have been assigned to bring comfort to people in different areas of Manhattan such as Jacob Javits Center, hospitals and Ground Zero. This was an experience shared from a sister I work with in Graphics. Seven elders selected from
    her circuit in Brooklyn are assigned to Ground Zero. An elder from her congregation gave a report of their experiences. He and another elder paired up to work together and were a little apprehensive, not knowing what to expect. As soon as they started talking though, all apprehension went away, the brother said; "it just seemed natural to truly get to comfort these men." Just shows how Jehovah's spirit can help us at the
    right time. They started on the perimeters and went up to two policemen and showed them scriptures of comfort and talked about the new system. They mentioned that they would like to get in closer to Ground Zero. The
    policemen hugged them, thanked them for coming by and said how much the men closer in would need to hear this. They kept going closer in and were able to talk to different policemen and firemen they met. At the next
    perimeter was the National Guard who said they needed special permission to go any further. They directed them to the Marines office to get permission. When they went in the office, the brother said it was the
    biggest Marine you have ever seen, very intimidating. They didn't ask for permission, just started witnessing to him; tears came in his eyes. He was unbelievably kind and happy to hear the good news. He said the men really need to hear this and said "Go back to the National Guard and tell
    them you have permission to enter". The brothers went back but the National Guard said they needed something in writing. At the same time a group of clergymen arrived (they had previous authorization to go in). So the brothers returned to the Marine who wrote a letter stating they could go anywhere they wanted to, then stamped it to make it official. The brothers returned to the National Guard. At that time the clergymen were already back; they had not brought any comfort to anyone, they were only there to take a TOUR! The clergy asked the brothers what scriptures they planned on using, etc. The brothers asked them what they were sharing and they said "BOTTLED WATER". Then the National Guard told the brothers even though they had authorization, no one else could go in that day. So the next morning, bright and early, the brothers arrive. The National Guard told them that
    they were not letting any clergy in that day. The brothers showed them their letter and they said, "oh, you can go anywhere you want." The brothers said it is 100 times worse than anything you see on TV! The
    destruction, etc. worse than a war zone. Rescue workers looking like zombies working. They talked with a group of steelworkers (all big men that would usually intimidate you) The men had tears in their eyes as
    they shared the scriptures and told the brothers that there was a place where they really needed to go. It was a boat set up at the Marina for rescue workers that were just burned out. The Red Cross was providing
    meals there. They found it and said it would just make you cry to see the people. Men looking so lost, with their heads down, just not able to cope with all that they are seeing. They just sat down with them and talked, sharing scriptures. They said there was not a dry eye in the place. The men thanked them so much for coming, saying they REALLY needed this. The brothers spent a few hours with them. They also met a man who drives a little cart that is taking bodies and body parts to the morgue. He was just leaned over his steering wheel. They asked if he was ok and he just started crying, they hugged him and he cried unbelievably for about 10 minutes. After he pulled himself together, they shared some scriptures with him. He told them how much he appreciated it and how much people need to hear this.

    So sure there will be even more good experiences with all the efforts of our brothers. Just wanted to share this with you..."

    My, the tales that be told....

  • Mulan

    Didn't we already have this one, and found out it was an Urban Legend?

    No one got that close to Ground Zero, people. Especially not the dubs.

    Marilyn (a.k.a. Mulan)
    "Those who know, don't say, and those who say, don't know."

  • Farkel

    Of course the part those dubs DON'T tell you is that with all that carnage of 6,000 body-parts as horrible as it is, they RELISH and PRAY for the day they will see not

    6,000 bodies and body parts, but
    6,000,000,000 bodies and body parts

    and they will click their heels in glee and REJOICE over that. Then they will proceed to fight over occupancy of those nice homes and cars left behind like the animalistic and materialistic bastards so many of them really are.

    For those of you who aren't clear on the math, the difference between 6,000 bodies and 6,000,000,000 bodies is an increase of one MILLION percent. Instead of being double the number, triple or a hundred times the number, it is one MILLION times the number.

    Joy of joys: THAT is their "good new of the Kingdom" and THAT is what they waste their lives and sell their pathetic magazines and books to promote.


    "When in doubt, duck!"

  • Moxy

    well, mr over-literal, internet-in-1969 fark-buddy. its not 1 million percent. its 100 million percent.


  • Thomas Poole
    Thomas Poole

    Satan is never more dangerous than when he appears as an angel of light. Hope those men go to their church to find God and not a false prophet like the WT.

  • tdogg

    I just find hillarious that these stories are always from "somebody who emailed me a story about someone who works with someone who knows an elder who is in the congregation where the brother who was with another brother who" did the thing.

  • tdogg

    How about this: "But the report from Ground Zero is really heartwarming. My eyes were almost in tears as a warm feeling came up to me as I read the courage and love these brothers had for the workers and how people no matter how strong and powerful they look like needs the comfort of the Scriptures as the real source of strength. That day, those elders were really angels sent to Ground Zero"

    Now elders are angels as well.

    And some one pipes in with this "I wonder how the brothers felt at the end of that day.
    Would they be sad because of the sights they had seen and the despair they had encountered - or would they be full of joy that they had been used by Jehovah in such a marvelous way?
    Perhaps both?
    It must have taken a lot of courage and prayer to do what they did"

    Why would they be sad, that event saved those people from dying at armageddon. Courage? Courage was running into a buring skyscraper to save someones life.

  • pettygrudger

    Yeah, they won't let priests from any other religion but JW's in - RIGHT!!!!! My goodness - I bet this will be all over their e-mails, do ya think anyone will think its false?!!! Of course not. It never ceases to amaze me how they can pull this kind of crap and actually make it stick - anyway to find out if its true? (i.e. calling the Marine Corp)

  • ashitaka

    For once, I definitly agree with TP.

  • JT

    the comment was made:\

    It never ceases to amaze me how they can pull this kind of crap and actually make it stick


    stop and think about it for the past 130yrs they have been selling the same type of false hope to folks and they are still buying it cause it fills a need in people who long for a better way

    and as long as folks have a need there will be religion there offering to fill that need

    how sad

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