Notes: Friday District Convention - Follow the Anointed Who Follow Christ

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  • truthseeker

    Today was the first day of three for this year's "Follow the Christ" District Convention.

    For the first time in as many years as I can go back, the theme of this program was Jesus Christ.

    Most of the program was OK. The talks considered Jesus, his life and his works. There was nothing about the talks that I considered insulting or controlling.

    Could this be it? Could the Society really be going Jesus-centric?

    However, the last talk was to change all of that.

    They Keep Following the Lamb No Matter Where He Goes was the last talk of the Friday afternoon program.

    I swear there is a malevolent intelligence about the person/s who design this talk. Up to now, there wasn't a single mention of "the faithful and discreet slave."

    The speaker begins by saying that there are three powerful lines of evidence that Jehovah and Jesus have selected the anointed ones on Earth today. (Does that sound like the six powerful lines of evidence that we are living in the last days?)

    He says that the number of genuine anointed are dwindling - no mention was made of the new light concerning the 1935 cut off date.

    Speaker says that "through the centuries, Jesus has been cleansing the 144,000 bride class." (Really, what happened from 70AD to 1878?)

    Why should we follow the faithful slave? Jesus has selected them and by "listening to the voice of the faithful slave" we show our cooperation with "Jehovah's arrangement."

    Specifically, the speaker said "we should exercise faith and listen to the voice of the faithful slave" - he actually quotes the scripture where Jesus says "My sheep listen to my voice and

    I know them and they follow me."

    When we receive spiritual food from the faithful and discreet slave, do we find fault with what is in there? Do we find fault with their viewpoints on Bible understanding?

    This would show "lack of faith" in Jehovah's arrangement.


    Listening to Christ means listening to the elders, the anointed etc etc.

    Anointer elders are to be viewed as "spiritual governors" (What about where Jesus says "one is your leader?" - how do they account for this?)

    Jesus will bless those who listen to the faithful slave.

    Speaker quotes scripture where it talks about 10 men grabbing hold of the skirt of a Jew saying "we will go with you people" - likened to other sheep following the anointed class.

    "Are we ashamed of the anointed class and the faithful and discreet slave?" (I can't believe he actually said that, of course we're ashamed of them.)

    Speaker asks question: "If we're not of the faithful and discreet slave class, what should we do?"

    Answer: Follow the anointed who follow Christ.

    This last talk was a rude wake up call for any who thought that there was a hint of reform in the organization. This last talk must have been deliberately placed.

    Throughout the day, one could be forgiven for thinking that the society had found their way and put Christ back on the pedestal. The last talk put that out of the

    picture. It was deliberate, skillfully done.

    We know that the anointed class is a myth. The real leaders of the Watchtower Society are the members of the Governing Body who have absolute control.

    As for the anointed and elders being "spiritual governors", the scripture that says "It does not belong to man, even to direct his steps" comes to mind.

    Jesus said that we should not have leaders among us, "for one is your leader."

    A governor is defined as "a person charged with the direction or control of an institution, society, any man of superior rank or status"

    How can the "faithful and discreet slave" occupy the same role as a "spiritual governor?"

    A slave is a slave.

    Jesus said, "A slave is not greater than his master." - How does the Society correlate the two?

  • Zico

    Gosh, you have your Convention early in the year.

    Are you going to be at the Saturday talks on 'Do not follow false teachers/stories' I bet you get to listen to some apostate bashing then.

  • jgnat

    Let me know what the new release is, and (JW) hubby will read your thread. He pretends he could care less about what goes on at this site, but he sure loves having the inside scoop!

  • truthseeker

    I think the new release is a book about Jesus, haven't seen it yet.

    The talk "God's Word Is Alive and Exerts Power" was an audio drama of a portion of Matthew with sound effects. We were asked to read along in our Bibles.

    There was an amazing number of attendants for each room. Do they really need so many?

    Just before we were dismissed for lunch, the speaker said that "the wonderful music we heard before the start of the program can be obtained as a CD from September 1" - talk about advertising.

    As I said before, there was nothing objectionable about most of the talks for Friday UNTIL the last talk where they introduce the concept of the anointed and faithful slave.

    Any Bible student attending would have felt that these people truly follow the sayings of Jesus. The last talk prepares their semi-conscious mind for an intermediary between

    themselves and Jesus Christ.

  • blondie

    The WTS is an organization that functions on the basis of total control. Without out that........people would stop donating money, people would stop attending meetings, people would stop participating in the meetings, why some even might skip the convention altogether.

    The WTS rules through fear not love and proves they do not follow Christ.

    Blondie (glad I'm not there)

  • Blueblades

    "They Follow The Christ No Matter Where He Goes." No Matter Where He Goes? Isn't he sitting at the right hand of God? Isn't he directing from there? He is not going anywhere. He is sitting still until he stands up. Follow The Christ is an invitation from Jesus himself not the Governing Body." Come Be My Follower."

    'No matter where he goes' the "HE" in this context is the Governing Body who claim to represent The Christ. So, whatever direction the Governing Body goes with "Present Truths" We should follow them as if it was Jesus we were following. Thanks Truthseeker for catching that last talk for what it really is. Again, we need to always read between the lines when it comes to listening to whatever comes out of the mouth Headquarters,


  • Leolaia

    "Follow the anointed who follow Christ".

    In other words, "Follow the Christ" who follow Christ. ;)

  • nvrgnbk
    I swear there is a malevolent intelligence about the person/s who design this talk.

    Yes. That would appear to be the case.

  • serendipity

    Thanks for this truthseeker!

  • PinTail

    WELL said Truthseeker, you share my own thoughts on the matter, its weird how other brothers and sister don't see this. I look at the governing body like the chariter called Landru, in the Star Trek series as they keep trying to absorb you like he does. ("It is the will of Landru") when all along Landru was just a big computer controling everyone.

  • Handsome Dan
    Handsome Dan

    Beware of men that seek power and control for they surely will make you their slaves.........Oh those self anointed assholes

  • SirNose586

    Keep following the "lamb"--through blood transfusion law changes, different stances on higher education, and ever-changin "new light"--wherever they feel like going!

    Thanks for the notes. I know when to nap, then...

  • Honesty

    They don't trust them anymore than we do.

  • SacrificialLoon

    So Jehovah and Jesus trust the FDS because the FDS says they do, and because the FDS says Jehovah and Jesus trust them so we should trust the FDS. That is awesome on several levels.

  • SirNose586

    Well, Sacrificial Loon, you've uncovered the circle that keeps millions of hamsters running 'round.

  • dedpoet
    I think the new release is a book about Jesus, haven't seen it yet.

    It is about jesus, apparently, and is called "Come, Be My Follower", a 192
    page paperback. The only thing "new" about it will be the title, of course.
    The content will be the same old recycled, repackaged crap.

  • gumby

    Jesus said, "A slave is not greater than his master." - How does the Society correlate the two?

    Excellent point truthseeker....and your post was awesome.....well stated!

    The society has always been real good at packaging whatever it is that they are trying to instill in the publishers. It's like passive aggresion, they seem like they are saying the right thing while all the while their motive isn't what you expect.

    Follow them as we follow Jesus eh? If we all followed what they had believed just post 1918 ( the year christ approved them as his Slave), we'd all be disfellowshipped for apostasy.

    Christ didn't make the mistakes they have made....yet comparing them to him, he did. They are the biggest blashemers against christ and Jehovah, yet they blame christendom for holding the title.


  • greendawn

    The key to understanding that this is one more piece of manipulation (will their sinister habits ever change?) is the fact that the anointed are to all intents and purposes the handful of the GB members and their inner circle, the rest are a non entity since they are not allowed under pain of expulsion to contribute anything to the ideology or administration of the org. To the naive dub following the anointed means following those 8000 "anointed" or at least the hundreds among them taht are sincere and faithful but in fact they are following only a dozen people that have been consumed by the lust for power and control. That Jesus chose them is such a transparent deception that I wonder why most dubs believe in this crashing nonsense. One would expect a much better spiritual performance in terms of actions and knowledge from people of such magnificent credentials.

  • jeeprube

    He says there are three lines of reasoning to prove the FDS was selected by Christ? What are they? From what you have recounted the speaker offered no such proof. Such typical JW shill-gaming.

  • uninformed
    Truthseeker wrote:


    Just exactly what proof is there that he does trust them.

    Saying don't make it so.

    I would say that HE has yet to entrust them with any correct prophesying! 1874, 1914, 1919, 1925, 1943, 1975, by the end of the twentieth century, etc.....the end was coming last year, oops, no this year, whatever. Eventually we will be right.


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