How did you find the truth? - the loaded question.

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  • user100

    had dinner this weekend with a JW family and met a bunch of new JWs. One of them who was not very talkative at all and out of the blue asked me how I found "The Truth". I answered how my family has always been starting with my great grandfather.

    Then he clarified his question.. he said something about how this is a great question and people always talk about their spiritual heritage. but the question really is when/how/why did you make the truth your own?

    My answer was "there was no defining moment when I made it my own" I realized I could be getting into some hot water there but I wanted to be honest.

    I asked him how he found "it" because I try not to use the word "Truth". Apparently he at the age of 27 decided it was "The Truth" after one study. Apparently his mother became a witness but he never really studied. and he finally accepted a study after being pestered by the JWs to take the study.

    It is amazing that he could make this decision at age 27. I never had that luxury. I had to make mine around age 15. My next logical question for him would have been "so you swallowed 'The Truth' hook line and sinker? Never questioned anything?" I didnt though.. that was the end of our conversation :)

  • _Morpheus
    My answer would have been "i found it on the internet". Let him figure it out ;)
  • OneEyedJoe

    Whenever I'm asked a loaded question like that, I've taken to restating their question without the phrase "the truth." I just can't stomach it to support someone calling it the truth these days. I honestly think that's the worst part about being around JWs these days - the constant "the truth" this and "the truth" that. It's gotten to the point that I have to excuse myself to stay sane.

    I've also found that honesty in this situation can be a fun way of shutting people up. "How did you find the truth?" "Well my parents raised me as a JW so I didn't have much choice." Usually you get an uncomfortable silence and a quizzical look before they change the subject. Most JWs' faith is so thin that they're too scared to explore a topic if it looks like it's not going to result in getting 100% positive feedback about the cult.

    Also, another fun way to approach this type of situation is if you find someone that was recruited and you find out (as is often the case) that it was after some traumatic event in their life try saying something like "Wow, you're really lucky you found the JWs. After something like that, I bet it was hard to think clearly - if things had been a little different you might've ended up a mormon or something!"

  • talesin

    I got really sick after my friend hung himself (he was gay, a cross-dresser, and a born-in JW), and was in a coma-like state for several months.

    When I recovered, I realized I had discovered the Truth! The JWS had been lying to me all my life, and there was no capacity within me, to live a lie. Within a month, I had been evicted from my parents' home, had a job, my own apartment, and a new, albeit solitary, life. I was 18.


  • talesin

    To the OP.

    Perhaps your friend has an emotional need that is not being met. He may have problems you are not aware of, and is seeking an anchor in life. This is often how the JWS win adult converts. They are taught to 'comfort those in need', to preach at prisons and nursing homes.

    When someone may be bereft of family, or has endured great loss, or suffering due to poverty, illness (including addiction), they may be easily enticed by the love bombing and great display of brotherly love (excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth a little). They are unaware of the severe consequences of shunning for the most minor infraction (depending on who you know), etc.

    Does that help you wrap your head around it any better?

    My former comment was a bit wry, but truthfully, I think there may be more going on with your friend. Perhaps s/he could really use a listening ear at this time.


    All the best with it. There are more folks here, who can give you some really good insights, so let's keep this bumped.


  • user100
    I doubt i will see him again but he does live close by.. seeing that he has made it his own makes me think he is a drone and is not seeking further enlightenment..
  • talesin

    I hear you, and that sounds about right. *sigh* Well, if he has any questions, I'm sure he knows where to find you.

    In the meantime,,,, Life! and Freedom! beckons, so enjoy,.. let us begin. :))

    tal :sunglasses:

  • Vidiot

    user100 - "How did you find the truth?"

    By looking where I was told not to.

  • Giordano

    I appreciate the topic but there are two answers one has to consider as it is a double bladed sword. There is what a JW calls 'the truth' and then there is TTATT.

    I never 'found' the truth I was raised in it from the age of 13. I wasn't asked to believe it I was told to believe it and embrace it. It was expected that I would be baptized and after High School to go to Bethel or pioneer.

    I met those expectations then at 19 or 20 decided something was wrong. This was way before the internet even before books about cults were written. It took me three years to work it out. Slowly day by day I watched the 'truth' evaporate.....eventually my wife and I faded.......that was 48 years ago.

  • Jse
    I was raised as a JW. However I didn't find the truth until I read CoC. I was 42.

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