'Apostates' are Victorious: a List

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  • metatron

    These are merely summaries, to the extent my memory is accurate.
    Others (freeminds, Watchtower Observer) can provide the exact details.

    1) Awake publishes Holocaust issue - projects image of what 'stand
    up guys' organization was during mass murder of Jews. Article
    is blasted in letter to Henschel from college academic who
    points to clear evidence that Rutherford and others repeated
    Nazi propaganda in appeasement effort (rich Jews who run
    anglo-america). Awake then backtracks about being misunderstood,
    Governing Body refuses to apologize.

    2) Bulgarian documents expose rank deception about blood issue.
    News of this is quoted repeatedly all over the world. Society
    resents exposure of agreement. Exposed deceit continues to
    cause them difficulties.

    3) Branches in Europe attempt public deception by statements
    suggesting individuals will not be disfellowshipped for
    accepting blood transfusions. Lies are quickly exposed
    in public as observers note that 'disassociation' amounts
    to the same thing as 'disfellowshipped'. WT image also
    damaged by publicizing that Witnesses who join armed forces
    are expelled automatically ('disassociated themselves').

    4) Blood issue loses academic/medical support as it becomes
    clear that coverups and internal politics demand that lives
    be sacrificed - You can take blood, a fraction at a time!

    5) UN hypocrisy exposed in public, Society forced to withdraw
    Increases cult-like social/political status in Europe.

    6) Tacoma Parking scam exposed, Society is forced to withdraw
    parking permit system, loses large sum of revenue because of
    high-handed expulsion of elder involved.

    Feel free to add to the list. Unless Watchtower leaders learn
    to behave ethically and honestly, I'm sure this list WILL


  • worf


    Good list and review of wt defeats.
    And there will continue to be more because they will never change.They are too proud.
    Everything happening to them shows they can and will be beaten.

  • wannahelp

    Just remember the saying, and then apply it to the governing body:

    Oh lord it's hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way

    It fits them!!! <G>

  • MegaDude


    Nice list. How about the Generation of 1914 prophecy being proved false. Raymond Franz and others said long before the Watchtower retired this doctrine that it was false; that historically and scriptually this doctrine was not supported. Not so said The Society, and they promoted it even more, until they were forced to dump it. Apostates win again!!!!!

    "Hope is a good thing... maybe the best of things."
    Andy's letter to Red in the Shawshank Redemption

  • Trevor Scott
    Trevor Scott

    Would the Greber incident qualify?


  • silentlambs

    Hey what about silentlambs?? How quickly they forget.

    The mass coverup of molested children withing the WT organization. When confronted with the problem of bad policy, the officials of WT comment in the media that they will never change their policy. With the first filing of civil lawsuits on July 31, 2001 and many more to follow, time will tell how committed the GB is to shielding pedophiles and not finding "new light" on this issue.

  • OhHappyDay

    What was THAT???

  • ballistic

    What about the fact that for over a century they have discouraged their members from taking on further education or pursuing a career to follow "kingdom interests" because "the end is near". And to add insult to injury, they now discourage members from doing research over the internet, the internet being not only the fastest growing means of doing business but also stated as being the medium for the "education of the future".

  • metatron

    I have great respect for your sacrifice and hard work.

    I didn't mention your success because it is a work in progress.

    metatron (Godspeed, silentlambs)

  • metatron

    I think freeminds has info on the Parking scandal.

    Basically, a prominent elder with a lot of responsibility
    had some doubts about doctrine - they df'd him for apostasy
    (you are not permitted to doubt or lose faith in WT doctrine)
    He knew a lot about district assemblies and pointed out to
    city officials that charging people for parking , while using
    their facility, was not permitted (otherwise, I think they expect
    a cut of the $). Of course, to get around this contract agreement
    the Society issued parking permits at local Kingdom Halls for
    5 bucks each or so. The whole mess got into the papers and this
    year they dropped the parking permit arrangement.

    What's that scripture in Isaiah about "no weapon will have any
    success" against you?

    It doesn't apply to these guys!

    metatron ("Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"
    - Wizard of Oz)

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