Dutch Bethel responds to NGO case

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  • Farkel

    : damn..we are good

    Yes you are and your religious masters are absolutely fabulous. Liars, that is.


    "When in doubt, duck!"

  • Trilobite

    [Quote]damn..we are good[\Quote]

    Good but not great. Inspired? God's sole means of commmunication with mankind? ROFLMAO!!!!

    Trilobite, LOL

  • TweetieBird

    From Merlin we heard how the Dutch bethel responded, "Quote from the letter (translated) : <i>"Jehovah's Witnesses view the organisation of the United Nations in the same way they view the other governments of this world ... Considering the UN as one of the 'superior authorities' is a help to understanding that it is possible to have certain contacts with this institution, similar to the Society having contact with ministries taking care of matters related to justice, education and the like"</i>

    As for sharing the ideals of the UN charter, it was said : <i>"It is not that hard to only share ideals, while we of course pay tribute to the biblical view on the way in which they should be achieved"</i> (I couldn't help noticing the shocking similarity to the Society's letter to Hitler in this line of reasoning...)"

    If there is nothing wrong with being an NGO, why did they quickly disassociate themselves from it when the rank and file found out about it? They are SOOOOOOOO hypocritical.

    I'm with you Seeker. "I'd love to see another letter from them now, a few days later, explaining why yesterday the WTS disassociated themselves from that "superior authority," the UN."

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