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  • greendawn

    When I first started on this forum typing was not really a natural activity for me it was slow and I didn't have the patience to write long posts as I would have liked. Now I got used to it a lot better so I don't mind typing long posts more often.

    What sort of experiences do other JWD members? How good is your typing speed and ability, do you in this respect find that you can't write as much as you would like because of the mental inertia (resistance) caused by a dislike of typing? Could you do better by hand writing or talking?

  • Scully

    I'm a fairly good typist. My workmates are amazed at how quickly I can type. It comes from years of practice though. I've been typing since the old days before electric typewriters were commonplace, and was able back then to type 60 wpm. I've probably increased that by 50% now that I'm accustomed to my keyboard. I used to type all my handwritten notes from my nursing school courses and sell copies of them to classmates for a nice little bit of pocket change.

    My downfall is thinking too much about how I've worded something and ensuring that I've done so with the clarity that I intend. I can edit a post many times before I actually post it.

  • The wanderer
    The wanderer

    I love to type and although I have not
    taken a typing test in a long time, the
    last time I checked my typing speed it
    was around 50 to 55 words per minute.


    The Wanderer

  • vitty

    I learned to type on those old mechanical typwriters when I was in school. We had to put a cloth over our hands and keyboard so that we couldnt see what we were doing. I got quite good but now 30 years later the keyboard "feels" different and I have gone back to the old 2 finger way, im quite fast.....................for my age

  • WTWizard

    My typing speed is quite good (I don't know how fast for sure, but it is probably close to 50-60 words per minute). The problem is accuracy. Often I will type the wrong key, or have to think of which letter to hit. Either way, that slows me down quite a bit. At least I have the Backspace key to clean up most of these stupid mistakes before they get posted.

    Here is one place where I wish I could type 180 or 200 words per minute with perfect accuracy and post as fast. I feel the Watchtower Society needs all the embarrassment they can get, and the more integrated posts I can create, the faster it will help yet others to integrate various facets of the Watchtower and ultimately lead to its demise as no one wants to come in.

  • penny2

    I also learned to type on those old, clunky typewriters. With computers, it's so easy - you don't have to worry about making mistakes because they're so easily corrected. Not like the old days - erasers (that was before liquid paper). And then, if you were doing carbon copies, you had to put bits of paper between the copies so you didn't get dark blotches where you were rubbing out the mistakes. Yes, no photocopiers in those days!!

    Now I fly across the keyboard. It's great. I feel sorry for people who can't touch type. I'm sure it's harder to learn when you're older.

  • jgnat

    My typing is HOT. I can convey my ideas faster by typing than any other media. For me at least:

    Reading is faster than hearing.

    Typing is faster than writing. (And a darned good more legible)

    My JWD experience has made me a faster typist at work, not a bad skill.

  • JH

    I'm a pretty good and fast typer. I learned that in high school. We had these old type writters.

    I learned to use the proper fingers for each letter.

    It,s just for the numbers on the top row that I use my index finger for each one.....lol

  • acadian

    My tpynig ailbtiy is elxclenlt and lgiihng fsat, but my sleplnig sckus !

  • Highlander

    I learned to type when I was around 12 years old. Mom worked part time doing court transcription work,, the audio tapes would be given to her from an attorney and she would

    transcribe it. She was paid per page.

    Mom gave me the opportunity to learn to type and then pay me a portion of the fee she received from the attorney.

    At first we were using the old electric-typewriters, then later we bought a computer use. After we bought the computer that's when I really learned to type as I used a

    computer typing program. At one time I was typing in excess of 100 wpm. Mom types even faster than I do.

    Now I'm probably in the 80 wpm range. Despite having worked in various fields, my typing has always served me well. Even when I worked as a mechanic, it helped to have

    good typing skills cuz' there are many times you are writing up a service info bulletin/email to be sent to the engineers or dlr reps regarding a common failure.

    But if you want to know about my text messaging skills using a cell phone? Well, those skills suck,, my thumbs get too sore!

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